Favourite Places For Kulfi In Kolkata. Let’s Beat The Heat With Kulfi!


‘Thanda thanda cool cool!’ Remember? No we aren’t endorsing Dermi Cool here (oh, how we miss those days), but what we actually just meant was the slurping of the tongue on the rustic yet sweet and subtle flavours of a Kesar Pista Kulfi can beat no other feeling in the world.

Only those who have stayed in Kolkata and have witnessed the Kulfi fan following know a meal ends with a Kulfi and the end to a good day is with a Kulfi as well.

The city is all about the Indian version of an ice cream on a stick and we can’t get enough of it!


The smooth feeling with every lick can take us into mild forms of perversion but boy, are we blown by this sweet treat? For anyone with a sweet tooth and a craving for something ‘desi’, this is the ultimatum and in Kolkata it is as good as it gets. The number of Kulfi joints opening up are insane but we’ve listed the few outlets that have really got us stuck in a love affair.

New Market area

The street food vendors in New Market are innumerable but the most delectable Kulfi is sold by only one. Situated right in the lane leading to Sudder street and the road that leads to Treasure Island, is the epic Kulfi guy who sells the most amazing Kulfi with Falooda and don’t miss out on the touch of rose syrup for the cherry on the cake. Pocket pinch: Rs 30 for Kesar Kulfi.


Opposite Vardaan Market

This place is infamous for its shopping but what we really flock here for is the exceptional fruit Kulfi that leaves us having midnight Kulfi cravings. A treat to watch as he scoops out kulfi from a real mango or an orange at a nominal rate of Rs 50.

image (1)

This one cannot go off your bucket list. Do try out the Sitaphal and Chiku Kulfi as well.

image (3)

Junior Brothers

En route Rashbehari, right opposite Gariahat Spencers is this Gupta Brothers outlet that serves Kulfi so enticing, just a bite and you’re stuck here for eternity. The seating arrangements here are just the touch of perfection for us foodies to satisfy our taste buds in bliss.

unnamed (1)


All the times that we have wiped the beads of sweat off our foreheads and grumbled about the heat, we have headed down to the Kulfi joints for a minute of solace and a total treat for the taste buds.


Benarasi Kulfi Shop

In the heart of Manicktala lies this age old shop nestled in a bustling corner of the street that sells Kulfi that will leave you licking your lips and definitely coming back for more. For anyone working in the North of the city who needs a dessert break, this is the one stop junction for you.


Any Ralli’s outlet you hit, you must try out the Kulfi there. As they are the kings of the Rose syrup, once they add it to the Mawa and Pista Kulfi, you zoom into food paradise. The prices start from Rs 40 and each penny invested is worth it.

image (2)


Special mention goes out to the amazing variety of Kulfi being sold at Quest mall, near spencers although the prices are a tad too high. In case of financial crunches but a savour some retreat, head down to these famous Kulfi outlets today! We promise, they don’t disappoint.


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