Here’s How Pokemon Go is the Newest Fitness Mantra


Poltu is known among his friends as the ultimate Lyadhkhor. With a rather ambitious paunch, for Poltu, the only activity in the day is plugging the charger into his phone and sometimes re-starting the router if the net gets slow.

But, strangely, from the past few days, Poltu has taken to fitness like never before. His neighbours have seen him walking for several hours, at times in strange directions. Poltu who hadn’t seen daylight in years is now up early in the morning, walking around his house, sometimes even multiple times in a day. His paunch can now be seen going away. Poltu is no longer a Lyadhkhor!

Want to know why?

Because Poltu has been playing Pokemon GO!


poke go beacon 2

Pokemon GO is a simple Augmented Reality game in which players traverse a mythical land, trying to catch “pocket monsters” of widely varied appearance and ability, then “train” them to defeat other monsters in battle.

Pokemon Go uses GPS to situate its players on a real-world map, which looks much like a crude form of Google Maps. The game is displayed on their mobile device as they traverse the real world, looking for Pokemon to catch.

Pokemon GO’s most attractive feature is that it gets players off of their couches and out into the real world. Just like your avatar, you — the player — must go out into broad daylight and make sure to hit up all the major hotspots in your area if you stand any chance of catching all your beloved Pokémon


Here are reasons to believe that Pokemon Go is the new Fitness Mantra

People are getting up from their couches

Photo by Chirasree Chakraborty

Yes, what billions in worth of sports-wear couldn’t do a free-of-cost Smartphone app has done!

With the possibility of finding Pokemons in different parts of their houses, people have actually started MOVING!

‘Go and play outside’

Picture taken at a Pokemon GO event organized by Kolkata Comic Carnival

The generation old nag that we’ve been hearing all our lives: ‘go and play outside’ now finally has an answer! From walking around the neighbourood to going on a spree across the city, Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm

Don’t just sit there and ‘hatch eggs’

saswata sen gupta
Picture by Saswata Sengupta

During gameplay one is required to ‘hatch eggs’. Some eggs contain Pokemon, while others let you hatch out goodies including ‘stardust’, ‘candies’ or ‘experience’.

Now hatching an egg requires one to travel a distance of either 2km/ 5km or 10km!
Hatching eggs is not that easy a task.

No shortcuts!


While on the move to hatching eggs, one cannot simply hop into a vehicle and drive the distance. The app discontinues the distance credit if you move faster than 30km/hour.

Talk about a strict coach!

Work Hard Play Harder

poke go beacon

While hatching, the more you walk, the better the contents of your eggs become!
While eggs can be hatched by covering a distance of either 2/5/10 km, the game motivates the players to walk more. And like it is mentioned above, there are no shortcuts!

Visiting PokeStops


When players walk around with Pokemon Go open on their smartphone, they’ll occasionally see blue icons overlaid onto the map. These are Pokestop indicators.
PokeStops are notable locations in the vicinity. They’re represented by a blue marker on the map. Clicking on the marker shows a picture of the building, monument or park.

Yes, you actually need to go out and visit the places in real life in order to attain the benefits of a PokeStop


Hence proved that Pokemon GO is here to make the world fitter!

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  1. Guys who of you play Pokemon GO? Amazing game, yesterday
    i caught rare pokemon Tauros using pokebusterbot !
    No ban so far, still using it. You should too.


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