This Video Of a Police Constable Threatening A Biker on E.M Bypass Is Sure To Make You Cringe


We at Beacon Kolkata have always been patrons of the outstanding efforts of Kolkata Police. Be it thanklessly manning insane traffic or spending sleepless nights on our flyovers for our safety, there is no shade of doubt that Kolkata Police is a blessing to the city.

However, there are certain instances of outrage that must be brought to light. The following incident is one such instance

“This guy suddenly rushed towards me and tried to punch me, I ducked, then he started to abuse & threaten me for showing the audacity to record a video!” – Ronny


Narrated by Ronny, the motorist who faced the situation

“This morning one blue uniformed homeguard stopped me at VIP Bajar Bus Stop on EM Bypass Kolkata and asked to see my driving license. I showed him the license, then he asked for the insurance and pollution certificate, I politely said – you don’t have the authority to check anything beyond the license, where’s the traffic sergeant / sub inspector?
He took it very personally and told me in a very bad manner – you want to show it to the sergeant? Then stand & wait for him. I said – you have no right to harass and detain me like this, show me what authorization you have to make me wait like this? It was peak rush hour and I was getting late for my office, I had all the correct documents ready in my bag but I wanted to see how far this can go, I took out my phone cam and said – tell me on camera that you are stopping me and making me wait for not showing the insurance and pollution certificate to you, and also tell your name if you have the guts. Rest of the incident is documented in my phone camera’s video.”

Police Brutality in Kolkata


An incident of a similar nature happened with a member of Team Beacon too.

“Just last evening, my friend and i were pulled over by a homeguard officer near Hazra. When we asked him the reason he said ‘there’s a checking going on’. The funny thing though is while we were talking to him, multiple bikes with double pillion without helmets went by us” Navina Paudyal.

“It was lucky for me that i know a sergeant in that jurisdiction and on simply asking about his presence, we were asked to carry on” added Navina


We seek justice for such a behavior on part of the constable and at the same time pledge our readers to not paint all the hard work of the elite force in the same light.


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