Here’s How This Kolkata Guy Left With His Girlfriend on a Motorcycle Road Trip to Gurudongmar and Came Back With a Wife and a Record


There are countless travelers in the world and each has their own reason to travel. Some do it for the thrill of it. Some to escape from the monotony of life and some do it for the experience. But, only a lucky few can call traveling a way of life. Here’s the story of one such couple who can proudly say so. The story of Ramneek and Swatabdi.

The couple recently sealed their names in the Limca Book of Records for the ‘marriage proposal at the highest altitude’ so we caught up with them to know more about their ‘proposal ride



Q. Tell us about the journey

A. Ramneek: The condition of the road from Kolkata to Siliguri is incredibly strenuous, so I decided to not let her go through the pain. I was supposed to ride from Kolkata to Siliguri during the day and she was supposed to reach Siliguri by train at night.
With a delay of close to 15 hours, Swatabdi finally arrived and after a good night’s rest we were ready to leave early next morning.
The rest of the journey consisted of the ride to Lachen, then the difficult stretch of Thangu and finally the magical Gurudongmar.


Q. What made you select the destination?

A. Ramneek: I have been traveling the length and breadth of our magnificent country from more than 6 years now. From the Rann of Kutch to the twisties down South, one can say I have had my fair share to visiting exotic places but the Gurudongmar Lake in North Sikkim is without a doubt my favourite destination.
Before visiting Gurudongmar with Swatabdi, I had already attempted to visit the place thrice, succeeding only once at the 3rd attempt. But, even after reaching there and witnessing the beauty, I felt this emptiness as I wanted to share this feeling with my significant other, Miss Mallick. I cannot recollect exactly when, but I had decided since a long time that if there is one place where I will pop the question of taking our relationship to the next level, it will be at G-Top.


“I hope I get to travel the world; and I hope that I get to do that with you by my side” is what I whispered to her


Q. (To Swatabdi) Did you have any clue whatsoever about the proposal?

A. Swatabdi: I had no clue whatsoever regarding the elaborate planning done by Ramneek. Before reaching, nausea, headache and sleepiness had stared to get the better of me, occasionally putting me off to a slumber.
Ramneek: I remember I had to sing songs to make her stay awake. (Is my voice really that bad?)
Swatabdi: But, the moment we reached the point all the drowsiness had washed away and at the moment of the proposal I was how any girl would be- elated. It was a feeling out of this world.


Q. How many years have you been together?

A. 6 years



Q. (To Swatabdi) We’ve seen your backpack, how did you manage sitting behind him all the while?

Swatabdi: Yes! Being a pillion on the Duke is not really the most pleasing places to be on and that coupled with the saddle bags and the bag I carried was one of the most difficult parts of the journey.
Ramneek: I remember, when I had gone to pick her up from the station at Siliguri, before I could greet her, my very first reaction was the shock of seeing the size of her backpack. And although we dumped a lot of unessential stuff, the bag was still heavy.


Q. So the big question! When are you guys tying the knot?

A. We go official in a few days at the end of September


Q. What was your reaction on receiving the Limca Record

A. I believe records should be incidental. The primary objective has to always be to enjoy the moment. And although I cherish the record, they will keep going and coming.


Q. How important is traveling in a relationship?

A. Traveling together is extremely important in building a strong relationship. I remember, on the way back we were stuck in a landslide somehow with the bare necessities required to survive and we enjoyed as we roughed it out. It is difficult moments tell you how strong your relationship is. And this is what helps in overcoming everyday life problems.


Q. Where can we see you traveling next then?

A. Who knows, the Whole world is our camp!


Q. What would be your message to other couples

A. Enjoy your relationship to the fullest. We believe that is the key to being together always.

To know more about the entire ride and the full travelogue click here



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