This Puchkawala Sells 17 Varieties of Puchkas, Uses Mineral Water, Gives Free Puchkas to School Toppers & Has made Puchkas in Australia!


Puchkawalas adorning every street of Kolkata seems to be a common sight. We kolkatans love our street food and the favourite among them being ‘puchkas’. No matter where we go, no other ‘pani puri’ or ‘gol gappa’ is palatable to our taste buds. We crave for our very own kolkata style puchkas that cannot be re-created this perfectly anywhere else.


Inspite of repeatedly being warned to keep a safe distance from this ‘unhygenic laxative’, we somehow seem to forget about all the unpleasant thoughts as soon as we see the puchkawala.

Now what if we told you that you could have a guilt-free feast of your favourite puchkas, infused with 17 different types of fillings and that too you would need to go to just one place for this awesome delicacy.



Now this guy is not your average puchkawala, he caters to hygiene by preparing the tamarind water with mineral water. Yes, you read that right. And that is not the only interesting part here. What is special about this place is that it serves 17 VARITIES OF PUCHKAS. Yup!

The variety includes:

  1. Ghugni puchka
  2. Alu dum puchka
  3. Pakori puchka
  4. Dahi puchka
  5. Batata puchka
  6. Chocolate puchka
  7. Dhokla puchka
  8. Schezwan puchka
  9. Bullet puchka (you will surely feel like a bullet went through your brain, after eating this one)
  10. Dahi papri puchka
  11. Chana masala puchka
  12. Chur mur puchka
  13. Sukha special puchka
  14. 4types of water mix puchka
  15. Tomato puchka
  16. Ghugni dhai puchka
  17. Mixed puchka or rocket puchka

All this just for Rs.85!


This young lad has got a set standard and boasts that his work has even taken him abroad. “I have been to Australia, Bangkok and many places in India as part of wedding catering only because of the puchkas I make.”

For him, feedback is very important therefore while handing you a tissue paper after you relish your sumptuous street food, he makes sure to ask every customer if they enjoyed the puchkas and even hands them a visiting card if needed.


Pravesh, 20yrs in age, is into this family business since 2007. He claims to be popular in the Alipore State Bank area.

Talking about the interesting facts of his business, he says “I often sell puchkas outside Lakshmipat Singhania School and whichever child tops their final examinations, he/she would receive a reward of 1yr free puchkas from me.”

Kudos to people like him who make this city a little better place to stay in.

Pravesh’s Pani Puri stall can be found in Alipore, near Woodland High building, just on the turning near Garden Cafe)

We all owe him a visit!

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  1. Honestly even Manforce sells a large variety of condoms. Its still shit. Just like this Phucka Walah !


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