This Video of a Puja Pandal Getting Constructed Will Leave You In Awe of Its Makers


How often during Durga Puja has it happened that you’ve seen a mesmerizing Puja Pandal and thought to yourself – “Ah! I  wish I could capture the making of this beautiful structure”?

Well, a bunch of Kolkata guys did just that with ‘Amar Para Amar Pujo’!

We’ll let the video do the rest of the talking

Pujo Pandal in the making


We caught up with the makers of the video

Q. Tell us about your team/ crew behind the shoot

A. The crew behind the shoot is a team of 3 – Sudhindra Podder, Arijit Das & Avik Das


Q. Which is the Pandal that is featured in the video?

A. We shot this video at Sahid Smriti Sangha Sarbojanin Durgoutsav (Sahid Nagar)


Q. When did you begin with the shooting process?

A. Shoot process began on 25th august 2016. It has been an elaborate process as we didn’t want to miss out on any element.


Q. The shoot must have been quite hectic with long shooting hours, can you give us an insight on that?

A. Yes, the shooting was terribly hectic as we have to shoot for approximately a span of 1.5 months and each day the shoot was a whole day affair


 Q. What would be the message that you’re trying to send across through the video?

A. While all of us are awestruck at seeing beautiful pandals during Durga Puja, somehow the efforts of the pandal makers often go unsung. Through this video we want to showcase the countless hours of hard work and effort that goes behind completing a pandal by the pandal makers.

This is our tribute to the all pandal makers of Bengal for all their hard work and talent.


Q. What next can Kolkata expect from you?

A. We have a lot in mind and plan to surprise Kolkata with our works soon!





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