6 Places in Kolkata For The Quirkiest of Foods – Part 2


We Kolkatans like experimenting with different cuisines and imbibing it according to our own taste. In search of such modified food items, our team had earlier brought to you a list of quirky food found in Kolkata.

But our search did not end there. Our insatiable quest for more such items led us to discover a few gastronomical delicacies that could add to the list. So, here are a few more items that fall under the category of quirky food in Kolkata:



This happens to be one of the most relished dishes in some famous restaurants of Kolkata. But what makes it so sought-after? It is basically steamed rice loaded with butter, an egg poach on top and some kababs on the side. No doubt it is very tasty but have you ever wondered who came up with this combination … rice and egg poach, rice and kebab … I rest my case.

1Pic Courtesy: zomato.com

Available at Peter Cat, and many other restaurants.



Most of us love ice-creams , as well as fried food, but some great person came up with the idea of combining the two into one awesome dessert and voila!

2Pic Courtesy: k2therestaurant.com

Available at Bar B Q.



Ahemm, now that is something worth experimenting with. Sea-food lovers here is your chance to have something out of the box.

3Pic courtesy:architashomecooking.blogspot.com

Available at Bohemian.



Well well! We Indians are very united and choose to show that even in our choice of food. So, here we have a mixture of tandoori which is famous in north India and Idli which is famous in south India. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you, tandoori idli.

4Pic Courtesy: homecooksrecipe.com

Available at Mr.Idli Xpress.


5Pic Courtesy: youtube.com

Our love for fast food has brought us to this variation of noodles. We love Chinese so much that we have even made our own version of Indianized Chinese and this particular dish is a combination of street food (bhel puri) and Chinese (noodles).


Available at Chai Break.



6Pic Courtesy: zomato.com

Do you remember the cotton candy we used to have as kids? Now we can have them mixed with our shakes. Give your sweet tooth a treat with this multi-hued combination of cotton candy, gems, strawberry milkshake, black current ice cream and wafers. Looks tempting.

Available at The Street, The Park’s Café.




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