Here are the Top 8 Restaurants Opening Soon in Kolkata That You Must Know About


Tell a Kolkatan that India won a medal, they may give you a smile. Tell a Kolkatan that the economy is booming, they may give you a smirk.

But tell a Kolkatan about the new restaurants opening soon in the city and you will witness what a ‘truly blissfully happy human being’ looks like. Yes. That’s how much we love food and that’s how we welcome new eateries into the city.

So be prepared for a roller coaster of a ride as we with the aid of Zomato unveil the top restaurants opening soon in Kolkata


1. Monkey Bar

Yes, the very popular gastro-pub is opening in Kolkata shortly. Located centrally in Fort Knox at Camac Street it’s got a  great space for drinks, dancing and activities.  With quirky interiors and great concoctions this place is one to watch out for.

Monkey Bar


2. Boudoir

One of Dubai’s finest clubs is coming to Theatre Road, Kolkata. A nightclub that boasts of  live music and crazy beats. It’s a modern dining and dancing place. So get set with your dance moves!




3. Spiceklub


With 40 years of experience in the Food & Beverage industry and establishing themselves in the culinary landscape of Mumbai, they are soon opening an outlet on Park Street, Kolkata. This vegetarian only outlet serves food in the fanciest of ways using molecular gastronomy .The food presentation is expected to be a show stealer for sure.

4. The Love Room

So often Kolkata has been termed as NOT a pet friendly city with a dearth in cafes and pet friendly activities. A passionate duo has finally set up a café at Tollygunge to allow pet owners to spend quality time with their pets outdoors. The café will have its own set of 9 pet dogs for people looking for cuddles.


5. Mamagoto

Fun Asian eating is the tag line of the restaurant and indeed fun it is! The Popular chain is already present in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad and finally city goers can get a taste of their delicious Pan Asian cuisine in Kolkata. This is opening soon in the heart of Park Street.



6. Soi

The house of Jong’s brings to Kolakta a casual drinking place with the Thailand vibe. This place is sure to take you back to the streets of Bangkok!

7.   Tram Deepo

Tram Deepo

A tram themed café located in Ballygunge, soon serving alcoholic beverages, is a place to celebrate Kolkata’s heritage in a fun and innovative way. Food booths are named as tram deepos and is sure to take customers on a joyful ride.

8. Over Dose

Over Dose takes a fresh take on Chinese delivery. Introducing bento boxes, this outlet in Southern Avenue will be a great option for take aways and deliveries

There you have it. All the reasons to look forward to the lip smacking restaurants opening soon in Kolkata.

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