You Love Listening To Him On The Radio, But Wait Till You See How Hilarious RJ Praveen Is On Camera Too!


His voice has your ears glued to the radio, his quirky sense of humour makes you laugh for days, and his brilliant narration gives you goosebumps.

RJ Praveen – the international golden mikes award winner of 2016, and two time winner of New York Radio Festival, may very well be the only reason you tune into wireless transmission.

With his dynamic personality and charismatic voice, RJ Praveen is not just a voice behind the speaker, he’s a household name and a virtual best friend for many in Kolkata.

Be it crawling through traffic on your way to work or the monotony of an assignment you’re working on or the joy of finally getting over with your exams, RJ Praveen has all the trick up his sleeve to touch your emotions through his voice.

But that’s not all, he is just as good on camera too!

Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof!

In conversation with RJ Praveen


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