Retro Mornings, Football, Shobdobaaji & More – We Caught Up With RJ Roy Of Radio One!


Team Beacon Kolkata caught up with RJ Roy of 94.3 Radio One, as he got candid with us regarding RJ-ing, his love for football, Retro Mornings and some funny goof ups!

When did you start RJ-ing?

I officially started in 2008 in Radio One, before that I was working with Radio Mirchi but not as an RJ.

What made you want to be an RJ?

I never wanted to be an RJ, I wanted to be actor and I still do. Even though I have acted in a couple of films, hosted TV shows. I started hosting in 2004 and Mirchi had spotted me then and ever since, I was absolved into the world of RJ-ing. I never thought I’d do this, and I’ve never even listened to radio while growing up, but here I am!

What is the coolest thing about your job?

I don’t know about it being ‘cool’, but it sure is challenging – the fact that I have to play and present songs from before when I was born. For this, I have to read up a lot on the movies and the songs to completely understand the craze – because for me, it is not ‘seen’, it is ‘heard’. To make people understand and believe my stories, I think that is pretty cool.


What is Shobdobaaji?

When I was in college, I fell in love with word games. So I began wondering if there are any Bengali games that are equivalent to Scrabble, Jumbled, Anagrams. When I saw that there aren’t enough, I started making some – and it took me some time to understand the nuances of the language. In 2010, I had a show called ‘Mone Roy’ at Radio One where I started playing these games with our audience. Slowly but steadily, people started liking it and now we have an app – Shobdobaaji as well. Our main aim is to keep the Bengali language authentic and thriving so that years down the line, no one reads a classic piece of Bengali literature in English.

Tell us about your show at Radio One

Radio One is a retro station, we play songs from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. So the people who tune in to our show are roughly aged 35 and above. My show airs from 7am to 12 noon everyday and is called ‘Retro Mornings’. Apart from playing old songs, I have a segment called ‘Shine at Nine’ where I have guests over – people from Kolkata who are ‘shining through their good work’. Apart from this, of course there is the quintessential adda and games!

What is your secret to speaking so flawlessly?

Like they say, practice makes perfect! It is only human to fumble and make mistakes, and I have done may – pronouncing something or the other wrong- but I think that I have learnt from them and hopefully reduced the number of mistakes and can control what I’m saying. Also research and preparation  helps.

What is something that a lot of people don’t know about you?

I always wanted to be a professional football player!

Any funny incident that you can recall which happened once you were live?

Oh yes! So, once we stop speaking, we switch off our mics when we are live. Once I forgot to switch it off and was talking on the phone. Everything could be heard and people from the studio came running to me to alert that everyone can hear what I’m saying as the mic is on!

Another instance – when we get phone calls live, we record them, edit them a little and then play them. Once I was talking to this caller and I messed up with the controls of my console. So what happened was, my audience heard the unedited version of our phone call live and then after a while heard the edited version again! After that someone else called me and said, ‘Didn’t we just hear the same conversation twice?’ So yeah, I goofed up!

What would your advice be to people who aspire to become an RJ?

Most people say you have to have an amazing voice to be an RJ – this is only partly true because your personality matters a lot. People would see what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. Apart from that, knowledge about your subject is very important- you need to understand music and how it works. And most importantly, you are a public speaker – you need to have a lot of responsibility about what you’re saying.

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