This Road-Rage in Kolkata Video Near E.M Bypass Will Teach All Hot Heads a Lesson



We have to admit it that while on the road, driving or riding, there are multiple instances when even the coolest of minds are bound to ‘lose it’.

Be it the annoying honker, the rash driver or in this case: ‘South Indian movie villain inspired’ driver, there are more hot heads on the road than pot holes these days.

This video of a Road-Rage in Kolkata perfectly captures how unreasonable anger can make you and the instant karma that follows is hilarious. We hope that either party are safe.

Road Rage in Kolkata (Instant karma)


While it is easy to let rage get the better of you, it is of utmost importance to keep your cool while on the road.

In words of Kolkata Police ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ (LOL Wut?)


  1. The Guy Who’s Angry is innocent and he’s doing the right thing, u can find his justification on Facebook he has uploaded a video
    The Guy in the car tried running over two women and was jumping signals risking many lives, as u can see he also tried running over him
    Please everyone do a fact check First, Don’t just judge anyone from a random video.


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