Do You Know About The Flag-Man of India? The Hero That We All Can Be! [Video]


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Experience tells us that during the course of a casual day, be it a working one or a day out with family and friend, there is at least one moment in the entire affair when we witness something ‘not-so-right’ happen.

What is this something ‘not-so-right’?

Well, it may be an incident as small as seeing a frail old man trying run after the bus that sped away or the gush of rage on seeing a youth disrespecting an elderly person.

Such incidents may raise a few moral questions for some, while others may not be affected at all, but there are only a handful few who dare to go out there and take charge, who have the courage to take a stand against what they feel is wrong.

This is the story of one such hero.

While the patriot in us comes alive on 26th of January and 15th of August, the ‘Flagman of India’ gets to work early next day. What does he do? Check the video by Desi Broadcast to find out!

Flag man of India


About the ‘Flagman of India’

Jignesh Thakkar, founder of Roadies Of Bengal is a well-known social change-maker in the city and he’s started with his own cause of bringing about a change in the society.

This what he had to say about Roadies of Bengal

“We all have our struggles, but manage a square meal a day and a smile on the faces of our loved ones.
In the everyday race though, have you ever had the desire to do something good for someone not so fortunate?
Are you among the ones that feel a gush of rage on seeing a grave injustice occur with an innocent soul?
Well if the answer to that is yes, then you’re at the right place.
Here at Roadies Of Bengal we have the singular purpose of uniting to bring a change to the society”

We salute such heroes of our society and pledge to extend our hand of support for them!

Click here to know more about Roadies of Bengal and to stay updated with their works


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