7 Romantic Songs To Hum To Your Valentine This Season Of Love


All the sleepless nights, all the sighs you let out at the sight of the flawlessness of the person you love, the thumping of your heart against your chest as they say your name out loud and the fragrance they leave behind after a stroll down the corridor of your college. Relatable? Sounds like Cupid has aimed his arrows right at you. As beautiful as the mushy feeling of being in love may be, the fuzzy feelings also come with a checklist. The checklist of being able to keep the other person happy, compromising, amending fights and then you end up mastering the art of making up. As February creeps in, you start wiping the beads of sweat off your forehead, as the blushes turn into fits of desperate attempts to be able to make the 14th of February the most outstanding day in your relationship. As clichéd a day as it may be, we still witness half the world going crazy in love, with heart balloons soaring into the sky,romantic bengali songs in the air and love locks being chained onto every bridge of love.

Chocolates, flowers and personalized cards sounding mundane? Do you want to take it a notch up and embrace your beloved this Valentines Day by going against the usual routine dinner dates? Set the table at your place, light up the candles, dim the lights and bring out the Champagne as the list of the most romantic Bengali songs of all time will leave you two swooning and breaking into a kiss every now and then. Now we may not be the most ardent lovers, but we certainly know what sets the mood going, so here is a list of what we think are the best romantic Bengali songs to have been given music to that pretty much sums up as the cherry on the cake on the upcoming amorous day.


Jodi bolo ha – Chandrabindu


Nilanjona – Nachiketa


Mone Pore Ruby Roy – R D Burman


Tumi Ashbe Bole Tai – Anjan Dutta




Amar Bhitoro Bahire – Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah


Ekhon Onek Raat – Anupam Roy



Ei Poth Jodi Na Sesh Hoy – Hemanta Mukherjee & Sandhya Mukherjee



If none of these songs work, Kolkata has hidden in itself music and melodies galore for you to say the three magic words without having to say them out loud. Trust us, music adds a zing to the date and leaves a spark in both your eyes. A true blue lover only needs to have YouTube as the wingman on the D Day and the rest will be history. After all, whats love without a little magic and wavering from the humdrum daily life and it is only then when the path of love keeps us alive, the question being- ‘ Ei poth jodi na shesh hoye, tobe kemon hoto tumi bolo toh?’

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