Saktigarh in Middleton Row! This Secret Sweet Van Is Your Perfect Cheat Day’s Treat


That Kolkata is quintessentially a sweet lover’s Paradise is no doubt. This is a haven of sorts where you can let your sweet tooth indulge in some heavenly desserts and gain those extra pounds without any guilt. After all don’t we love our sumptuous selves? Or at least this is what we believe while trying to convince ourselves each time we weigh the options of giving into our ‘mishti cravings’.


No other place understands the worth of Mishti like we do. It has always been the harbinger of joyous news to every Bengali family. On the other hand, it is the permanent solution to any of our trifle issues. Our meal seems to be incomplete without these special desserts that make our mouth water just at the mere thought of it. Our daily life’s monotonous routine has to have something sweet to cheer up our day and keep us going.

IMG_7900-optSo, two young lads coming from Saktigarh, a Burdawan district of West Bengal, have taken it up on themselves to cater to our ‘sweet’ needs.

IMG_7886-optOn any weekday, between 11 a.m – 8:30 p.m, if you happen to be in Middleton Row, and see a small Maruti van parked just outside the Jeevan Deep building, with its doors open and a heavenly smell hovering above it, you happen to be in the right place at the right time my friend.

IMG_7892-opt (1)IMG_7884-opt (1)IMG_7870-opt This is our man. He sells four varieties of sweets at a minimal cost. His van is filled with big vessels of Langcha, Chhena cake, Sita bhog and Mihidana respectively. And at any given time you would see a group of people relishing his assortments with utter bliss brimming from their facial expressions.


They have started this service since three months and are already quite popular in terms of sale and taste.


Do visit to give your palate a taste of sweetmeat delight.


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