Kabaadiwalas in Kolkata Just got Cooler! Here’s The Story of Scrapify


We all have that phase when we decide that it’s time to get rid of the scrap from our house that has been piling for years, untouched. The only viable option that comes to mind at that time is a Kaabadiwala, who gives us a small sum of cash in return for the scrap.

Scrapify is here to change that.

Team Beacon Kolkata conversed with Sourav Lahoti & Arihant Karnawat, who left his C.A job and lived in his Scrapify office for four months just because he was determined against all odds to set up this venture. He learned to code in a matter of weeks and set up his first app that is doing wonders now.

The young and determined CEOs of Scrapify are the exact motivation we need on gloomy days.

What is Scrapify?

Scrapify is a Kolkata based company that operates through an app with the same name. Once you register and make an account on their app, you can make a pickup request whenever required after which they will contact you and schedule a pick-up, they appoint a pick up time and date and reach your house on the scheduled time with their weighing scale to pick up the newspapers, books, magazines and electronic waste, in return for which they give you Rs.22 per kg.

Half the amount will be coupon based on your Scrapify account which you can redeem through their discount partners like ‘Stun the Sun’, ‘turn ur head’, etc. We do not give the full amount in cash. The price for the e-waste is negotiable. There is no chance of being cheated as we use digital scales and pay you for the weight till the last decimal point.

How did this concept come to mind?

Everything comes from personal experience. When I had to clear out the scrap from my Dad’s office, I found it very difficult to find a kabaadiwala and finally when I got one and managed to sell off the scrap, I got about Rs.7000 for what I thought was a waste. That was when this concept came to mind. We wanted to modernize the process of scrap disposal and make it easy and environmentally friendly.

How did you’ll get going?

We took part in an all India entrepreneur contest held by Shopclues and stood first in it, that helped us to gain some capital and of course, we put in the rest. It was then that we started this venture and gathered our team and got going.

What is the future that you see for Scrapify?

We hope to see Scrapify all over India soon. We intend to use battery operated recycling machines as well as battery operated four & two wheelers for the pick-up and someday we want to have our own recycling unit.

What is the response from the people?

We have been getting very good response. There are many repeat customers, many people have even recommended us to others.

What are the advantages of using Scrapify?

It gives you more money than the traditional scrap pickers. It also helps in developing the habit of recycling which is much needed these days. It makes us more tech- friendly and you can even use that extra money for charity.

Did you know: Recycling 1 ton of paper saves 70 trees. So, gather your newspaper, magazines and unwanted books and Scrapify.



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