Shady Cinema Halls In Kolkata Where You Can Still Catch The Latest B-Grade Films!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and couples have already started planning on how to make the day special for their loved ones. Some may be planning for a candle-light dinner while some might just be looking to spend some quality time with their significant others. We have another option for you! How about you catch a romantic movie with bae this Valentine’s Day? Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Well, wait! There’s a catch. We at Beacon Kolkata have listed a couple of very special cinema halls in the city. What is their speciality, you ask? They’re all shady cinema halls in Kolkata showing B and C grade movies. So if you’re broke, horny or seeking adventure, check out our list of shady cinema halls in Kolkata!

Regal Cinema Hall

This cinema screens Bengali, Hindi and English films. The cinema runs 4 shows daily.

Address: 4, SN Banerjee Road, Maula Ali, Taltala, Kolkata 700014

Society Cinema Hall

Once the hub of all movies deemed shady, this cinema hall is now shut down.

Address: B-26, Market St, Esplanade, New Market Area, Dharmatala, Kolkata 700087

Shanti Cinema

Another old cinema hall in Kolkata, Shanti today broadcasts B grade movies, very convenient for people seeking cheap thrills.

Address: 166, Belilious Rd, Tikiapara, Howrah, West Bengal 711101

Lipi Cinema

Lipi Cinema used to be iconic in its earlier days but today it had reduced to being a poor quality hall which shows ‘disreputable’ cinema.

Address: Botanical Garden Area, Howrah, West Bengal 711103

Bhawani Cinema Hall

Bhawani cinema is one of the oldest theatres in Kolkata. However, it is in very bad condition and is in dire need of renovation. Today it has become the home to many B-Grade movies in Kolkata.

Address:  Deshapran Shasmal Rd, Tollygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700033


DISCLAIMER: We do not promote or support any kind of immoral or illegal activities in any of these aforementioned locations. Please tread at your own risk.

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