Kids Write Their Fate, Legends Doodle Their Success Story! Santanu Hazarika’s Tale


Beating your own drum to tell the world you’re good enough at your art sounds like a quantum task to accomplish? What if the world shuns you and looks beyond your hard work? What if the fruit of your efforts are never borne and you sit idle trying to make sense of what to do with your talent that keeps oozing out from every cell of your body?

Santanu Hazarika did it all right. An engineering dropout, he put pen to paper and let nature and science take over his mind as he penned ambient masterpieces that left the Earthlings unnerved.

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Doodling may have been your solace back in school in the mundane History class, but to Santanu, it was his solace at all odd hours of the day. His escape from reality, he penned down the most absurd things as he believed that his imagination could run wild on paper without any judgements from anyone. A boy from Guwahati with a dream, he has always been in awe of Hindu Mythology and how it takes its discourse. So why wait to bring it to life as a doodle? Well, he did and he did a fantabulous task of achieving something daring doodle artists all over the world secretly wish for.

Currently working for RedBull, Austria and having done independent projects for Harper’s, Red Bull, Aaromya tea, Utsah, Metropolis Asia, Mojarto (NDTV), he has also added another laurel in his hatchet- working for the Ministry of Culture, India. Are you aghast at the success?


We will let you in on a secret. At first Santanu doodled for fun, but one day fairy Godmother herself showed him about REDBULL DOODLE ART in 2014 and he never looked back again. Winning the world doodle art championship pocketed him his first corporate contract as a designer where he also designed a limited edition RBDA t-shirt which was up for sale in Red Bull store.

Sounds super cool, doesn’t it?

Wait up, there’s more! He also has his own online apparel store called Dilate Ink and has been travelling the world hosting art workshops. We can safely say, the Guwahati boy finally got his wings!

 “The universe is not outward but inward”. To fill the void of uncertainty and to embrace the knowledge, Shantanu collaborated his flow of ideas using Symbolism as the key element as seen in the Hindu calendar to construct a fragment of his imagination to virtual life.

He believes that keeping a flow of connect with the social forum is an essential factor that acts as the supreme marketing strategy. He did this by putting up pictures of doodles in progress, daily doodles and also collaborating with other upcoming artists adds to the appreciation that leads to motivation instead of breaking into a cold sweat now and then when the doodles need to be showed to the world.


An international doodle art gallery was put up by team RedBull at Cape Town where Santanu also got the chance to be a part of interactive sessions with fellow doodlers and explore the work of curative minds around the world.

Today, he looks back in time and believes that with observation comes imagination which is a cyclic reaction leading to excellent expression. Thus, to upcoming artists, he sends out a message of being able to start from scratch. He says that keeping the individual spirit intact in all scribbles should be of prime priority. Expeimentation is the pillar of success.


This year, Doodle Art is back on the wild hunt for a raging doodle demon inside all the scribblers across the globe. A shout out to all talented folks across continents who have been scribbling on just about anything. Now is your chance to transform into the next Santanu Hazarika. What’s cooler is that your doodle will be showcased at one of the best exotic locations in the world and out of all 40 participating countries the winners will be invited to a Global Gallery where their doodle will be put up as VIRTUAL REALITY! Still waiting? Get those pens out and start scribbling. Log on to for more details. Happy Doodling!


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