There’s a Shooting Range In Kolkata Where YOU Can Shoot With Actual Guns! Kolkata Police Has Come Up With It Here’s All You Need To Know


Did you know that you can now experience a first-of-it’s-kind shooting range in Kolkata? Kolkata Police has come up with an Olympic standard shooting range which was open to the public late last year. 

Where is the shooting range in Kolkata?

Police Training School (PTS) on 247 AJC Bose Road.


The shooting range has been opened with a view to promote shooting as a sport and to provide opportunity to the common people.

How can you apply?

You need to fill an online form for admission to the shooting range in Kolkata that you can find here.
A nominal fee of Rs. 100 will be charged towards the cost of ammunition and maintenance. 
Selected candidates will be informed about the date and time of the firing opportunity, in due course. For those seriously interested in pursuing the sport, facility for practice is offered at Rs 200 per month.

Since the opportunity to practice shooting at the shooting range in Kolkata is given only after going through details of an applicant, one needs to provide information including name, residential address, contact details along with a photo identity proof, occupation, blood group and whether the applicant has any prior experience of shooting.

According to Kolkata Police, the shooting range in Kolkata has been done with a view to promote shooting as a sport and to provide opportunity of shooting for the common people.


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  1. Should the nominal fee of ₹100/- be paid after being informed or should it be paid while filling the form?


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