Ever Wonder How To Survive Pujo Shopping At Gariahat? We’ll Tell You!


If there’s one place in the city where you need to head to complete your Pujo shopping, it is Gariahat. From endless options of sarees to accessories including matching head bands, junk jewelry, patterned footwear, bags, belts and what not, Gariahat is the mecca of last-minute shopping coupled with some aggressive (read very aggressive) bargaining.

Now you probably know way better than us the tricks and secrets of shopping at Gariahat, but for someone new, here’s a small guide to surviving Pujo Shopping At Gariahat.

shopping at gariahat 1Bag it all!

From ₹ 100 to ₹ 1500, hand bags of almost all colour, size, material and variety can found at multiple stalls across the market.

“Didi r jonno brown leather bag ta dekha!”


POP the Clutch-Err

The fancy ones ranging between a price tag of ₹ 25 to ₹ 120, one can even find a simple hair clutcher for a mere ₹ 10. The next time you break your mom’s hair clutcher, you know where to go.


Saree Ga Ma Pa?

If Sarees are what you’re looking out for, you’ve arrived at your destination. From Georgette, Silk, Cotton or Chiffon you’ll find it all here at the countless showrooms here. Needless to say you need to bargain for the right price!


Chappals a.k.a Bong mom’s weapon of choice

Here too, the market proves it is for all.


From ₹ 75 to ₹ 1,000. From the latest printed pump shoes to the traditional leather chappan (that hurt the most when hurled at), one can find all possible combinations out here.
FUN FACT: While observing a particular chappal stall through the day the shop keeper got pally with us. We witnessed how a particular chappal was sold at ₹ 170 to one woman and at ₹ 210 to another. Also, the shop keeper winked at us after the exchange :p.


Jewels of Junk & Not so junk


Earings for sale in the market begin as low as ₹ 50 and go as high as ₹ 250

From a fancy necklace with eye catching intricate art work to bracelets, some as smooth as silk and some as solid as a rock, all can be found here at the right price.


Also, boasting of some of the top jewelry brand showrooms from the country, Gariahat is home to some serious jewelry shoppers too

As far as shopping at Gariahat for men goes, you won’t be disappointed here too. From the latest waist coats, jackets and kurtas, you can find a huge variety here!


Survival of the fattest?

Rolls at Nawab


Grab an Egg Chicken Roll from Nawab. The legendary snack joint established in 1976 is the perfect relief as the first bite into the roll takes you off the grid for a split second as you relish the combination of the paratha and the chicken


Ghoti Garam


If Rolls are not your thing then buy a ₹ 10 pouch of freshly made ‘ghoti garam’ from the vendor generally outside Bazaar Kolkata.

Bonus, you get to enjoy the free flowing cool air conditioned breeze coming out from Bazaar Kolkata


Lassi at Sharma Juice Centre

A cold glass of Lassi while munching into your snack is the perfect combination to rejuvenate your bargaining skills!


Alternatively, you can opt for a glass of fountain Pepsi at the corner of the Dover Road crossing.
The uncle at the shop may look grumpy but don’t worry that’s his usual face :p


What’s a day out without a steaming plate of momos?

Grab a plate of Chicken or Veg steamed momos from Indrani Snacks, tucked away in a by-lane. You’ll have to ask around to find this one!


Thug Life Alert

Watch out for these two lads, the self-proclaimed Karan & Arjun of Gariahat. These guys will eat your head at the very hint of a conversation with them. But they make for some fair entertainment! (P.S. They really wanted their picture to be put up :p)


On a lighter note. Here’s a simple guide to shopping at Gariahat by the awesome guys at Bongtastic




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