Top 5 Places For Budget Fashion Shopping For Guys In Kolkata


Gone are the days when guys would not take much interest in grooming themselves and shopping for the perfect outfit with those rugged denims.
From, sweating it out in the gym and pumping those biceps like Indraneil Sengupta to grooming the thick man-beard and moustache like Ranveer Singh, men these days are as fashion-conscious as women! (If not more :p)

But no matter how experimental and out-going men get in terms of fashion sense, there’s still no matching the super woman skills of a girl out on a budget shopping spree!

And while the average guy will be swiping frantically for those discounts and offers online, the marvellous Kolkata girl will be back home with her pick of the day at a fraction of the cost.

But hold up! All is not that bad and the competition is not that fierce for we’ve brought to you a list of budget shopping places for guys that would go easy on your wallet and have a huge impact on your outlook.

 Top 5 places for budget fashion shopping for guys in Kolkata:

AC Market



Kolkata 700071 is where you need to head to if you are trying to get a good deal on denims and cotton wear. The oldest and first air-conditioned market in Kolkata is home to tiny shops that are situated on the 1st and 2nd basements with so much variety on display; it’s bound to leave you enthralled. From denims to checkered shirts, plaid shirts to beanies for your offbeat hairstyles, this Shakespeare Sarani market in Kolkata sells accessories and clothes for the bold and handsome at throw away prices. Take your girlfriend along, as being the queen of bargaining that women are, you are sure to take away a T-Shirt at just Rs 400.

Metro Plaza

Dressing like Christian Grey and sweeping women off their feet is now a possibility. Metro plaza on Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kolkata, has been witnessing a large crowd of, wait-for-it, men, to browse through the latest range of trousers for the casual date at Nicco Bowl, pants for the office meetings at Wipro, tracks for the intense jogging sessions at the Lake and belts and ties, to well, inform your women that ‘Mr Grey will see you now’. Whatever your need of the hour is, the 3 storeyed mini mall has it all covered. If you are running low on bank balance, all you need is a few hundreds, and you can stride in glamour at the next social gala.

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I know what you are thinking, ‘what if the stuff is fake? But do you honestly mind that? How many times have you walked past Burberry at Quest Mall and heaved heavy sighs of disappointment as you scan through the dismal sight of your wallets? The first copy will leave you questioning the authenticity of what you see in the malls. With over 100 stalls dotting the road adjacent to the Esplanade Metro Station, you will come across joggers at Rs 300, Hoodies at Rs 500, Nikes at Rs 500 and a host of other accessories like chunky beads and charms to adorn your flexed wrists. We do give you a heads up as you may see a thread or two popping its way out here and there, but those are things that you can conveniently ignore. Do visit this tiny roadside stall opposite Bible Society for the most comfortable joggers that are of excellent quality.



F bloc

unnamed (1)


Tucked into an underground basement in Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, the most happening store in town that welcomes you with a ‘warm hand’ will get your excitement levels to the zenith as a 7 ft tall predator gives you the coldest glare. The Simpsons boxers, the T Shirts that are soaked in attitude, the shot glasses for those guys nights out, and the badges in favour of the football team you are a devout fan of, are all stocked here. ‘Hello darkness my old friend’- to brighten up situations, the UV tees will transform into the newest addition to your wardrobe. If all the quirk here leaves you transfixed, the geek in you is sure to go high at the sight of the cool gadgets, the Predator skull, Iron Man, and stuff for some ‘flush’ worthy pranks will be at your service. The pocket pinch is so negligible, you won’t even feel it.

Simpark Mall

Think New Market, think all things girly? Nah! Not anymore. Simpark mall might be quite the maze but every part of this maze situated at the heart of New Market is paradise for any guy who is a rapper in the making. We kid you not, everything you see on TV is right in front of your eyes, most of which comes directly imported from Bangkok. Look out for Imran Khan’s shop for the trendiest bottom wear and hip snapbacks. You’ll be able to bring it all back home within Rs 800. If you are on the hunt for Vans that do not rip your soul and pockets apart, the first copy loafers and tie ups will leave you spoilt for choice.



Man up and glam up, why should girls have all the fun, right?

So when your better half asks you next time to suit up and pick her up from her crib for the ideal date, you’ll be doubly prepared for the date. You won’t hear her nag for a while as you’ll have left a mark with your attire. Also, gloat over all the compliments that come showering on you from the other dudes when you shine like a star at the bar.


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