We Caught Up With Artist Shreyadoodles About Cats, Doodling & Making Viral Comics


Doodling is perhaps the most simple, common and overlooked form of art. Kolkata girl Shreya has been doodling for quite a while now and her comics have become viral on Instagram. Shreyadoodles, as she likes to call herself, has over 36k followers on Instagram. Team Beacon Kolkata got candid with Shreya as she spoke about her art.

Tell us a bit about the artist behind Shreyadoodles.

I constantly think of weird things and I like to illustrate those weird ideas into something others might like. Currently I’m a second year student of economics.

How and when did you start doodling?

I started doodling seriously about a year back. I used to illustrate the little things that happen in my life and out of curiosity I made a comic one day and have never stopped since.

Would you say that you’re the main character in your stories?

Yes, apart from a few other animal characters that I made.

Do you actually have a cat, since we can see a lot of cats in your comics?

No I am actually scared of cats, I like to observe them from afar and irritate them!

Do you follow a particular style of drawing?

My style kind of morphed into the way I am doing it right now, over time. I think it looks cute. I draw shorter figures, the cat is almost as tall as me. I think people can relate to the simplicity of my characters. I am trying to put a little more cuteness into the world.

Humor is a dominant part of shreyadoodles comics, tell us about it.

I think it is mostly simple, but sometimes has a dark twist to it. It is largely based on everyday life. Most of the things actually happen in my life.

When did you first realize that you’re getting famous?

When I got 5000 followers, people started to send in messages about my comics and how they looked forward to it at the end of the day after work.

In a time where everyone is posting pictures of biriyani and phuchka to get likes, why are you not doing the same?

To be honest, nowadays you need to do something different and fun to stand out. I have a global audience so my comics do not have a Kolkata element to it. I enjoy what I create and people seem to like it.

What was the first character that you created?

It was a figure of me with a round head, in a pink frock and with stick legs and hands.

What inspired you to make comics?

I thought my humor could make comics and I also wanted to escape reality because I didn’t like what I was studying at college. Doodling is simple, cute and a good method to express your emotions. It worked for me.


Future plans?

For now, I am thinking about what today’s comic should be. And maybe later, I am thinking of starting my own merchandise.


You can follow Shreya’s work on Instagram here.


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