Silent Discos Are The New Rage In Kolkata’s Party Scene, Here’s All You Need To Know


Silence and Discos may not be two juxtaposing terms yet the significance of the two can be covered under the same roof. Being a connoisseur of music may lead to awkward situations in public places where if one is forced to groove to music one dislikes, the outcomes can sometimes lead to sudden outbursts and fits of rage.

Follow Anushka Sharma’s footsteps and ‘Breakup’ with the DJ who forces you to jive to jargon and switch to channel number 3 on your headsets. Wondering if you read right? Well yes, you did.

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What exactly are silent discos?

Watched ADHM? If not for criticizing Karan Johar for the plot, the other thing that didn’t go amiss was the Breakup song setting. The silent disco featured in the movie has been picked up as an upcoming trend in almost every city in India and what we are happy about is that Kolkata has imbibed the culture too.

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The entire idea not only escalates the party mood but also eliminates the decibel level. An eco-friendly environment can be created where you could be partying in broad daylight but not a soul would know about it except you and your party peeps. A pair of headphones, a DJ silently spinning out tracks, an open bar, a group of mates and your dancing shoes are all you need to get the party started. Not in the mood for Bollywood? Switch to the next channel for commercial English tracks. Still not getting the groove on? Switch to the next station for an EDM blast.

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All you need to do is deck up and head down to the following places in Kolkata for an uber-cool experience.

Pour House

Omit the decibel, usher in the mood as Pour House in Salt Lake recently hosted a Valentine’s Day silent disco party where they saw couples swaying in each others’ arms to music of their choice as the channel number along with the song name was being announced occasionally so that couples could switch to the same channel and get lost in each others’ loving embraces.

Smoke Shack at Park Plaza

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Smoke Shack at Park Plaza is home to another silent disco that is a magnet to every age group who want to revel in the silence yet let their hair down after a long hard day at work. Everyone is provided with a wireless headphone with channel numbers printed on them for easier access to a variety of music that the DJ has in store for the night.

Spring Club

Spring Club near the EM Bypass may have been famous for being an outstanding club with activities galore, but add one more to the list. The silent disco that was built under the same roof has been an absolute hit with the youngsters. The one stop made on a weekend is at the Spring Club where in-house DJs and guest DJs spin out their jam on different channels that Kolkattans can swoon to.


Host your own silent disco. Now you may not be a Nucleya or a Garrix, but that shouldn’t stop you from being the star at your next house party where you could turn a BYOB into a silent disco on the lawns where everyone is lost in the music of their choice. And no nosy neighbours hurling abuses from windows to keep the volume down.



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