Silver Jewellery Shops In Kolkata That Will Leave The Jewellery Junkie In You In Awe!


Now jewellery may not always have to add the bling quotient to every outfit. At times what we are unaware of is that most costume jewellery is made with such precision and detailing that it adds a spark to the plain black dress and takes it a notch higher. But where to find the silver jewellery shops in Kolkata to score the perfect piece.

If all you do is ponder all day as to how you would team up a pair of distressed jeans from BK Market with a plain black top, silver is your answer. If you are in sheer anxiety about the upcoming awards ceremony at your office and want to redefine suave, think silver. Kolkata surprises us at every bend of the way and the stretch from free school street to Hogg Market has tucked away in all its glory the maestros of silver jewellery for more than a few decades now.

Chamba Lamba

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A true blue connoisseur of jewellery, know that this is the temple for all things silver. Think nose rings and earrings, think Chamba Lamba. In a cozy corner of New Market lies this paradise for all shoppers where girls have been flocking for over 30 years now. Ever had a conversation with your mothers about this? They will tell you how the Anklets and ‘Balas’ were their personal favourite buys. The insane variety of nose pins and earrings for the innumerable number of piercings you might have, Chamba Lamba has intricately carved designs that never go out of style.

Asian Arts 

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Let’s get real, a few of us rush here for a tiny glimpse of the owner who stands tall and handsome as he sets out tray after tray of pure beauty. The infinity rings or the harry potter Horcrux ring, the jhumkas or the amulets, Asian Arts swears by perfection. Vinayak, the backbone of the shop also promises customized jewellery made to order as per the design requirements of the customer. So if you are celebrating your anniversary and want to do something out of the box, the love bands with special engraving will be quite the thing.


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A few blocks down and right opposite the evergreen Nahoums is Karishma’s that may not have been as old a shop but has the right tactics to keep their customers coming back for more. The most sought out item here are the birthstone earrings. If you are on the hunt for the classic silver tops, the myriad range will leave you spoilt for choices. Available in quirky designs like that of a scorpion, a cross, whales, keys, stars, moon, and of course for all the green lovers, the cannabis leaf. Don’t forget to grab a quick bite from Nahoums after a successful shopping mission here.


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This may not be a 21st-century hip shop, yet the traditional sets of kundan and pearl based on silver plated jewellery and the bling that is seen all around the shop are a favourite for traditional occasions. Green, red and hues of blue stones are set carefully on beautifully carved silver that is the perfect match to your heavy lehenga. Every jewellery lover is always worried about safety and purity of the metal and at Lilarams, they are often posed with the question. Trust is what they believe in as everything is made out of pure silver and you can now safely bid goodbye to the skin infections.


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Sudder street may be the hood for the foreigners, what we didn’t know was that in the middle of a tiny garage like area lies a shop that is a warehouse of the best clothes and not to forget, jewellery. The tiny boxes that open up to a variety of earrings and anklets are a joy to go through. Everything priced ridiculously low; and if you have a navel piercing and want to be sweltering hot, the extremely enticing navel pins and nose pins are a must have. Do check out the traditional nose pins that have come in stock recently that give you the oomph factor when adorned with a saree. Once done, head down to Raj’s Spanish Café for a crepe.

For those who scrunch up their noses at the thought of gold and dread their weddings for the same reason that they want to avoid the yellow metal for an alternative is always welcome. Silver is the next best option. The metal is every girl’s BFF as silver is something that never disappoints.  Customizing and coordinating ensembles with a touch of silver takes you directly into the glamorous zone.



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