What’s in a Smile? Here’s How 3 lives Were Changed By The Art Of Smile-Designing & Yours Can Too!


We do live in exciting times don’t we?

Don’t like your old dress anymore? Tap a few buttons and in comes a new one
Bored of your old hair style? Swish-swish and a new one is ready!
And if you’re really picky and want a new eye colour too? Well, we have a solution to that also- get a pair of contact lenses!

We can customize almost everything and become anything we want in a zippy!

But now, you’ll tell us – ‘Hey! Not everything can be customized buddy.’

Okay we agree not everything we desire can be tailor-made to our liking, but what if we tell you that if you’re not so fond of your smile, you can just walk into a ‘magical land’ and walk out with a smile you are more confident about?!

Don’t believe us? And what on earth is this ‘magical land’?

Well, hold up! The ‘magical land’ in this case is Dent O Shine – the dental clinic near Park Street and believe us or not, you can walk in with your old smile and walk out with a smile of your desire!

That’s the magic of Smile Designing at Dent O Shine!

“Smile Designing?”

Well, Smile Designing is a non-invasive, quick procedure to take care of all the irregular, mal-formed and mal-positioned teeth that more often that realized keeps a person from let alone smiling openly, but conversing too!

“So you’re talking about re-positioning teeth? Don’t we have braces for that?”

Agreed we have braces for that, but smile designing at Dent O Shine is not only about re-designing teeth but ranges from building upon ill-formed teeth to removing gaps between teeth and much more.

While a regular teeth re-designing process involving braces takes almost 1 – 2 years to yield any effect, a smile redesigning session at Dent O Shine can be as quick as 30 minutes and if that isn’t impressive enough, the smile redesigning session costs almost 10 times lesser than a process with braces!


“A well-designed smile is not only essential for aesthetics but it plays a huge role in the confidence and over all positive persona it brings along with it” – said Dr Souravi Halder who specializes in smile designing at Dent O Shine

Schooling Impact

Now we don’t know about you, but had it been us, we would have done exactly as this kid did.

Amirul Mondol, a school-going boy living in the outskirts of Bengal had stopped attending school after losing his front teeth in an accident. Embarrassed from the loss of his teeth and ashamed by the taunts of his school mates, Amirul had stopped going to school for over a year.

However, a quick smile redesigning session at Dent O Shine was a life altering experience for him as he regained his smile and schooling!


Sweet 60

Often, looks and aesthetics take a back seat when old-age catches along. But not in the case of Annie.

This graceful grand-mother would often be the cause of amusement for her grand-children in their Skype Video Chat conversations because of her teeth.

But Annie decided to give them all a surprise by re designing her smile from Dent O Shine!


Smile Khulke

Arijit Poddar would often find himself missing out in conversations among his friends and upon taking up the front-office desk job at a Doctor’s clinic would often hear complains of sitting mum the entire day.

Arijt however is said to have gained a new personality much more confident and interactive after a smile redesigning procedure at Dent O Shine.



Beyond Designing!

Talking about customizing, here is another bit that caught our fancy – Tooth jewellery!

Tooth jewellery is a body-friendly crystal added to the corner tooth with the help of a dental adhesive to light up a sparkle with every smile!



There are very few dentists in Kolkata that specialize in the field of cosmetic dentistry, so when people come to Dent O Shine to improve their smiles or young girls come before their marriage to better their smile, knowing their before and after story gives the dentists a lot of happiness!

So now you know where to go if you can’t Smile Khulke!


Disclaimer: Identities of the individuals withheld and names changed for privacy concerns

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