Sonar Tori @ City Centre 1 is Bengali Royalty on a platter in its Truest Sense


If dining like a Zamindar has been on your bucket list then Kolkata just got the perfect place where you can scratch that wish offyour list in all royalty!From mocktails in copper tumblers to a lavish spread of authentic Bangali delicasies over a Kola Pata, Sonar Tori @ City Centre 1 is all about experiencing the royalty of Bengal

The Royal feel
As you make your way in through the waiting area, you’ll be ushered in by a uniformed attendant as if straight out of a Raaj Baari.
What floored us about Sonar Tori was the intricate attention to detail about the place. 
From the typical old fashioned braided chairs,with a faded off-white tone to them to a dalan-style seating area, with an open window,
to a well-preserved ancient typewriter placed like a trophy, to even the golden palm leaves at the waiting area, every inch of
Sonar Tori oozes royalty
 What to expect
Authentic Royal Bengali cuisine served in thaalis during lunch and an elaborate Ala Carte spread for dinner

Block B, 4th Floor, City Centre, Salt Lake

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