Here’s All You Need To Know About Speed Dating In Kolkata – An Uber Cool Way Of Meeting Your Potential Love Interest


If you are bored of online dating apps then speed meet is the thing for you, the super cool new way of meeting like-minded people and nurturing serious relationships thereafter is here to stay. Here’s how you can now indulge in speed dating in Kolkata!

Let’s face it. Dating takes time. From chatting at first to calling them to making plans to go out and heading off on your first date – it can be a time-consuming process. And look at you! When do you ever have a spare second between balancing professional and social life? You rarely find time for personal space – so we don’t blame you if you aren’t on the dating scene yet.

But, if you are suffering from romantic blues, speed meet will fix that for you as it has been playing the modern day cupid and has been enabling serious relationships ever since its inception in January this year.

Why waste countless hours chatting away online and having time-consuming 3 hour dates when you can test the chemistry over a 6 minute chat face-to-face with young professionals in a relaxed environment at the coolest of places!

And here’s the thing about Speed Meets- they are not for everyone.

Speed dating in Kolkata? Say what!

Speed meets introduce you to wonderful single people of various age groups, curated after personally speaking with each person to shortlist and invite just the right mix of people for you. Their screening process ensures that they maintain a #CreepFreeZone where you cannot just buy the tickets online to join in.

“I have worked in the dating space for quite some time and I figured a loophole and realized that many people like to have a one-on-one conversation and meet people instead of being virtual mostly, so that is when I decided to start Speed meet and give people that space and chance.” – Rahul Maheshwari, Speed Meet.

Speed Meet is an invite-only event, where an equal number of men and women are introduced to each other in a safe, quality venue, with a chance to interact for 6 minutes each. According to science, it is believed that it does not take more than 6 minutes to know whether someone is your kind or not.

Ticket: Rs.1999/- (includes a drink)
You pay only if you are selected!

PS: this is not a dating app and is only for people looking for a serious relationship.

Speed Meet 58.0 for singles of 28-39 years in Kolkata was hosted by author and conversationalist Varun Mannava!

They work hard to ensure that the people they select share some synergy. Therefore, they speak with all the applicants and shortlist only those for whom they will be able to deliver mutual matches.

You get to meet quality singles via speed dating in Kolkata. You get to mark a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for every person introduced on a personal card. At the end of the cycle, all cards are handed to the moderators, who share the other’s contact information only when both the sides give a definite yes. No contact information is shared anywhere before, or after with people marked ‘no’.

Follow their page if you intend to be a part of their next speed meet.

People fall in love in mysterious ways.. ❤  maybe you can find your mystery unfold in one such speed meet.


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