Here’s The First Ever Kolkata Guy To Make It Big In Splitsvilla


The Kolkata Connect to Splitsvilla 10

Kolkata, the city of heritage, literature, and culture has talents galore. Apart from literary success, music and dance are as important to us as the DNA in our genes. We can’t do without it. Maybe that is the reason why almost every dance and music reality show has at least one Bengali contestant who makes it to the top and makes us proud.

For the ‘bhodro’ chele/may that we are, we somehow lacked diverging from our cultural ease to test our mettle in the popular dating reality show – Splitsvilla. This could be one reason why MTV Splitsvilla has not seen a contestant from Kolkata throughout its history of 9 seasons.

But it’s never too late and this time, we finally have our Kolkata connect to Splitsvilla X and The Beacon Kolkata team was the first to do an in-depth interview with the dapper dude – Mohit Hiranandani 

How and when did you begin the journey at Splitsvilla?

Earlier this year I was in Mumbai for approximately 2.5 months, where I auditioned a few times and then Splitsvilla happened.  My journey with the shooting for Splitsvilla began a month back.

How does it feel to be cut out from the real world for an entire month?

Oh! That was quite an experience. We weren’t allowed to use our phones for the entire month (except during an emergency) and that is when we realized that we can play the weirdest of games and still have fun. Within the villa, Bottle flip was our all time favourite and of course, almost all of us got addicted to the fidget spinner, so much so that now I carry one with me every time.

What was the first moment in Splitsvilla like?

N E R V O U S.

What was your first stint in front of the camera like?

While shooting for Splitsvilla, we were surrounded by cameras and dint need to focus on any particular camera or give a set dialogue, so it was quite easy and didn’t make me conscious. I was pretty much myself throughout the show.

How is Splitsvilla different this time?

This time there is no king or queen, the contestants go through the tasks to experiment if there is any science to love, to find their ideal match.

Which was the most embarrassing moment on the show?

The time I had to go shirtless. 

Which were the most difficult moments on the show?

The 10 mins before the task were very difficult to think and strategize amidst all the pressure. Also, I found it very difficult to vote people out.

Tell us about the crew.

They were the most beautiful people, so helpful and so hardworking. Our hosts, Rann Sir and Sunny are my favourite humans. I would actually like to request people to address Rannvijay as Rann Sir as he deserves that in every manner of the word. He is a no-nonsense man, his pun game is super strong and you can’t argue with him, he is always right. Sunny is a forever smiling, loving, caring, down-to-earth, fun kind of a person. She is very adorable.

What made you really happy about being in the villa?

The best thing about being there was that we had 24/7 access to ‘cha, proper cha even if it was at 4 am.

What do you think has helped you to survive on the show?

The fact that I have a women’s apparel business in Kolkata and have been dealing with female customers for many years has somehow made me understand females a little more. Maybe this is what helped me on the show.

Is there any fellow contestant from the show who you would like to keep in contact with?

Yes. Baseer, Priyank, Naina, Divya, Nidhi, Aakash, Akshita; in fact, we have a group where all of us stay in touch.

We got our personal dose of NSP (Nain Sukh Prapti), now it’s your turn!! Tune in to MTV on 23 July 2017, Sunday, 7 pm



  1. Can normal people who doesn’t have linked with glamour world or media be selected to splitsvilla? Or celebraties only get select?


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