5 Temples in Kolkata Located at the Most Peculiar Locations


Kolkata never stops surprising us, does it? From dirt to tyndale, Kolkata has learnt to live about its own aura and what other better way to prove it than a delicious blend of hope and devotion. Now who would have thought that at the heart of some of the busiest traffic signals reside time and divinity in such perfect harmony?

We pass by these temples in Kolkata quite often, if not every day. Let’s take a moment today to ponder over these places of worship in the strangest of locations. While some have the busiest roads in the city going around them, others have become hubs of major intersections. Here’s all you need to know

Shobhabazar – Lal Mandir

Temples in Kolkata

This red walled temple is exactly in the middle of Central Avenue, thus making the 50 year old place of worship almost unnoticeable.


Ahiritola – Shiva Mandir

Temples in Kolkata

The box shaped temple can be seen from distance because of its interesting lighting. The ambience is nevertheless eerie in this first establishment of Ahiritola. Ila Das, the present caretaker and the one who stays there is a fortunate member of a 150 year old family legacy; indeed her ancestors 150 years ago had built this temple and after that, Shiva saw the city growing around him.

Elgin Road, Lansdowne

Temples in Kolkata

This temple, with time seems to have become more of a community place of worship with the nearby localities doing everything from offering prayers to maintaining it. This place happens to be a century old establishment. A Happy Hundred to our beloved Ganapati.

Ballygunge Phari

Temples in Kolkata

If there is something like peace amidst chaos, it’s in here, beyond the white-brown walls of the tabernacle at the heart of Phari signal. The 100 year old story of this temple might be a one liner but the change around is sure a long poetry. The temple was built on mud capped roads which over time has become one of the busiest intersections in the city.

Lords More

Temples in Kolkata

Not very old compared to the other peculiarly placed places of worship, this temple was built by one of the ex-residents and today it serves as the mandatory morning halt for almost every office goer residing there.

Prayer is a bridge between panic and peace.


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