Shopping In Kolkata Sure Makes You ‘Hangry’! Here’s The Epic Food Trail At Top Shopping Spots in Kolkata.


“I don’t like street food”, said no Kolkatan ever!

Probably this is why they say, Kolkata is the king of street food in India. Needless to say, this is the reason why every colony, every locality in Kolkata have their own set of street food vendors to cater to their ‘chatpata’ cravings. The plethora of street food delicacies catering to the city has made it the gastronomical capital of India beyond doubt.

Just like the combination of movie and popcorn, shopping and eating go hand-in-hand.

No one can ever say that they had gone shopping and returned without indulging in some street food. After all the exhaustion of walking miles to find the perfect outfit, shoes or accessories, the sheer weight of the shopping bags make our stomach roar in hunger; it is precisely at this moment that we choose convenience of proximity over brand, taste or hygiene.

These are the times when you don’t mind tears rolling down your cheeks because of the extra chillies you asked for in the puchka or jhaal muri. All this is done amidst the constant bickering of horns, foot traffic, and hawkers.

There’s nothing better than biting into a tasty snack and washing the tiredness away with a bhaand of ‘chai’ or fresh juice. Kolkata street food has to be one of the best things you can indulge in while on a shopping spree.

So, let’s take you on a food trail along the famous shopping spots of Kolkata so that you know where exactly to go ‘Nom-nom’ the next time you visit these places.

1. New Market


This market has been flourishing ever since its inception. No matter how many malls may come and go, the charm of this place remains everlasting only to mesmerise us a little more with every visit. We believe that ‘new market never grows old’. It is here that you will spot vendors selling your favourite street food for a bare minimum— from kaathi rolls at Nizam’s or puchkas in every nook and corner of this place, street food here has it all covered. You can bite into patties, cream rolls, pastries, chips and popcorn towards the back side of the market or choose a more diet friendly option as fresh fruits and juices of various flavours especially nimbu pani, pulpy grape juice, lassi and sugarcane juice right under where Lighthouse, the cinema hall used to be. If Chinese is the flavour of the day then soups, fried rice and chowmein are available no matter which side of this huge market complex you are in.


If you want to take your taste buds on a spicy trip then kebabs, papri chat, pav bhaji, ghugni, Samosa, singara chat, mix chat, masala dosa, jhal muri, chana chat, besan pakora, bhel puri and batata puri are at your service just in and around the entrance to Sri Ram Market. If you are in the mood for some light snacks that could substitute lunch then momos, shawarma and sandwiches are your safest bet. We always crave for sweet endings on the dessert menu you have kulfi and faluda (kesar pista, custard apple, mango, orange, chocolate). Finally you can wash away your fatigue with some lemon tea from the almost omnipresent tea vendors. While the latest fad here is the Bangkok style BBQ chicken that is available only on weekends, Halim, is the star attraction of this place as among all the shopping spots listed here, it is characteristic only to New Market.

P.S. New Market is so vast and varied that you might just bump into a street food not known to anyone. Good luck Columbus.

Pocket pinch: less than Rs.50 per item.

2. B.K Market


This two floored market has been quite a hit with the young lot for some years now. Though small in size, yet it houses shops catering to some sleek stuff. Just outside the market, stand few vendors who sell bhel puri, papri chat, hot chana, chilla, ice gola, kulfi, puchka, icecream and jhal muri.

Pocket pinch: less than Rs.50 per item.

3. A.C Market & Emami Market


A.C Market with its interesting architecture is probably the oldest market to have installed air conditioners in Kolkata, hence the name. This shopping spot does not have many street food items available other than the ‘sip and sandwich’ shop and a papri chat vendor just outside the market. Worry not for right in the opposite lane is a plethora of food stalls bustling all day, serving lip-smacking street food. A veggie paradise— from Sandwiches and fresh juices, tea, coffee , papri chat, puchka, vada, alu tikki ghugni chat, samosa kachori chat, kulfi, jhal muri, Chinese, soda sikanji, ice gola, pav bhaji, hot chana to momo, vada pav, rolls, variety of chaats, you can feast to your heart’s content.

Pocket pinch: less than Rs.100 per item.

4. Metro Plaza


This shopping spot has a variety of fast food available both inside its premises and out. Cotton-Candy, puchka, samosa chat, ghugni, kulfi, sandwich, momo, pasta, pizza, vada pav, pav bhaji, fresh juice are what you can hog on inside the shopping complex. A few steps outside will open a world of options for you to indulge in some kickass street food.

Pocket pinch: less than Rs.200 per item.

5. Vardaan Market


Outside this famous market is an even more famous street food adda where its buzzing with people  who are happily feasting on the famous Victoria Vada, kulfi, chilla, pav bhaji, sandwiches, corn chat, puchka, ghugni, hot chana, momo, and the likes. Nobody goes home ‘Hangry’ from this shopping spot.

Pocket pinch: less than Rs.100 per item.


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