Foodies, Wander-lusters & Other Cool People, Try Out Street Food From Across The World @ Street Mama! #CanYouFeelTheMama


What comes to your mind when you think about Street Food? 

Chaat? Fuchka? Gola?  
Okay, let’s stretch our imagination a tad bit, 
Umm, Noodles? Soda shikanji or Pav Bhaji at the max right? 

Now what if we told you that there’s so much more to street food than that! 

And what if we’re talking about authentic street food from different cities and cultures across the world? 

And what if we say you can experience these local cuisines without having to leave your country? 


Presenting Street Mama 

Street Mama-

Probably the only place where street food from different cities across the world are available under one roof 

Street Mama! Say What? 

Quid Novi? 

Què Passa? 

Mi a helyzet? 

That’s how folks from around the world say ‘Wassup?’ 

And if your reply to that question is ‘Just chilling!’ – That’s the feeling that Street Mama is all about! 

Mama is all about the vibe, the care-free attitude and the feeling of the streets! 

Still confused? 

Well then, we’ll let this video do the rest of the talking! 


Wander-lusters Ahoy! 

There’s no better representation of one’s culture except their cuisine! 

From the ingredients utilized to the choice of vegetables/meat or the spices used, everything is a reflection of the culture of the region 

And if you’re bitten by the travel bug to explore the plethora of culture the world is home to, then Street Mama is the answer!   

Where’s the street at? 

Street Mama is at Garuda mall, Bangalore 

And it’s about to be open to all soon! 

Watch this space for more


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