We Went Boho Shopping at Sudder Street and Look What We Found!


Dotted with cheap hotels, eateries, travel agencies and currency exchange kiosks, Sudder Street is the ultimate backpacker’s haven in Kolkata.
Sudder Street, with its European restaurants, Western culture and abundance of drug peddlers and other shady men – is often met with frowns from Kolkatas bhodroloks who tag it as a hub of decadence.

But Sudder Street is also a flea market for all things bohemian.

Team Beacon Kolkata went on a boho shopping spree in Sudder Street and here’s what we found!

Boho clothes that gives you the perfect hippy vibe

You’ll find a wide assortment of bohemian themed kurtis and palazzos at Sudder Street. These styles are similar to the ones you’ll find at the beach-shops of Goa. Vibrant colors with psychedelic prints, you’ll find a style that’ll be perfect for all the good and high times.
The kurtis are usually priced at around INR 300 while the palazzos and dhoti pants start from as low as INR 200 to INR 600.
You can try your hand at bargaining, but it’ll be a tough game as these shopkeepers generally insists on fixed prices.

Shawls and stoles

Winters are the perfect time to sport a shawl or a stole around your neck and you’ll find a variety of these in all sizes and materials here- tusser silk, cotton, wool, pashmina, you name it!
Prices of these colourful items start from as low as INR 80.

Handmade bags of all shapes and sizes

Often made from scraps of extra clothing material, you’ll find a couple of quirky bags if you scour the shops. Often referred to as the ’jhola’, these style of bags are popular with college kids in Kolkata – after all, it only adds to the quintessential ‘aantel’ Bangali look!
These are usually priced from around INR 200 to INR 500.

Handmade notebooks and journals

These eccentric notebooks are made of handmade paper covered with a piece of scrap cloth. They bring out the perfect urban desi look and are a huge hit among tourists. The small ones are priced at INR 60 and the big ones go upto INR 200. Stationery addicts, this one is for you!

#BeaconKolkata Tip– If you go boho shopping at Sudder Street, you need to visit the shop called ‘Sunshine’ located right outside Raj’s Spanish Café. It is a popular favourite among tourists for not only shopping, but as a hub of adda with the shop owners who always greet you with a cup of tea.

Graffiti at Sudder Street

We also found some quirky graffiti at Hertford Lane.
We loved how the plain boring walls were transformed into vibrant pieces of art! If you love graffiti as much as we do, check out the story of a man who’s been graffiti hunting around Kolkata, here.

Also, these Graffitti laden walls make for the perfect background for your next Facebook DP!

We’re sure that after shopping at Sudder Street and hunting for graffiti, you would be hungry by now. Click here to read about the good food that you can get at Raj Spanish Cafe. 


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