5 Summer Coolers Chill AF That You Can Make At Home


Phew! The city is so hot we totally can’t get enough of her!

We’re kidding! We know the pain of being drenched in sweat and then looking for the closest mall to walk into to heave a ‘cold’ sigh of relief as the air conditioning takes over your senses.

We may not all agree but the first thing we all do on weekends is to run to the nearest mall for a little reprieve from the scorching sun and enjoy the full blast air conditioning for free at these malls.  And as you do step in, you are enticed to spend a few bucks on a refreshing beverage to lift up your spirits.

Instead of spending hundreds of bucks at these malls trying to quench your thirst, all you need to do is go back home and put your chef cap on!

Trust us, it’s only the packaging that makes all the juices in the malls look killer!

Why kill yourself spending a whopping amount for nothing when you can use these recipes in your own kitchen.

Blend it in as we uncover a few easy DIY juices you can try at home.


Apple mint cooler

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Picture:  calizona.com

It gets as simple as just dicing up two apples and adding a handful of mint leaves in a bottle of water. For an extra zing you can also add a little ginger zest and keep the bottle in the fridge overnight. The next morning you get a concoction so cool you could literally walk on air after a refreshing sip. A bonus: Helps in flushing out the toxins from the body and cools your system down.

Bel Sherbet

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Picture: vegfoodrecipe.com

Kolkata’r bel sherbet is a hit in all families and summer defines this classic beverage that has massive healing powers and helps keep your body and mind feeling rejuvenated. Get hold of a medium sized Bel from your local markets. Break open the harder outer shell and scoop out the rest. Add a little water to it and start squeezing the juice out through a strainer. Add crushed ice and you are good to go.


Watermelon Mojito

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Picture: creative culinary

You’ve walked into the malls and paid Rs 300 for this right? No! Not at home, you won’t! Grab a watermelon from your bazaar and dice it up. Now to a mixer grinder add this along with a dash of mint leaves and a pinch of lime with either soda or water (depends on your calorie concerns) and mix it up. Pour into a tall glass and sit back and get transported to heaven.


Virgin Sangria



Picture:  cookdiary.com

Bring the pub to your house as all you need is a little lime juice, a cup of orange juice, and replace wine with grape juice. To this juicy affair add two chopped bananas, oranges and berries (highly easy to find in Bara Bazar or Jaadu Babu Bazar) and stir it all up. Keep this aside for two hours in the fridge and the only thing that’s left is to rush up to your terrace to embrace the slight breeze in the evenings and sip on this glass of solitude.


Lemon Delight


picture: allrecipes.com

Turn your classic lemonade into an exciting concoction by adding pureed cucumbers and strawberries to it. Strawberries aid in weight loss and also help flush out toxins from the system. Adding a dash of mint leaves and a hint of ginger just spices things up a little more.


Ralli Sherbet

The next time you head down to a Ralli store in Kolkata, don’t forget to bring home their bottles of varieties of sherbets that gets as easy as just mixing it with water and adding crushed ice. Try out their Khus sherbet and their authentic Rose sherbet which can be easily added to milk as well.

The only thing that’s left to do now is go ingredient shopping and in a city like Kolkata where food is love, finding these clichéd ingredients won’t take up much of your time.

So stop breaking a sweat and bring out your inner bartender in the vicinity of your own kitchen and call a few mates over to beat the heat!

Feature image courtesy: Abudhabifashion


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