Not All Of Us Are Fortunate Enough To Be Living With Our Aging Parents – Support Elders Is The Perfect Companion!


Since childhood, we have been pampered and encouraged by our stock-house of love: our grandparents and all our whims have been tolerated with immense patience and love by our parents. It’s hard to imagine a family-life without them.

There is no word apt to describe the emotional attachment between a parent/ grandparent and their children/grandchildren.

Sadly though, we live in a time where we’re stuck between the terrible vicious circle of work-deadlines-bank balance having next to no time left for family.

We work hard to earn well-enough to give the best to our family but sadly, in the process, we don’t give them the most valuable and craved thing: our time and attention.

With our families becoming increasingly molecular, most of us are in constant need of a reliable and trustworthy caretaker who can take good care of our aged loved ones while we are not around.

But then again, it never is as simple as it sounds.

This is where the social entrepreneurship initiative ‘Support Elders’ bridges the gap.

Support Elders is an at-home support for the elderly population through seamless, holistic and responsive care designed to enrich their lives.

Support Elders‘At-home’ support?

Through extensive research and personal interaction, the team at Support Elders have found that the elders’ own home is the strongest bond between them and their immediate socio-physical environment. They feel at-ease, comfortable and secure when at home.

So, they bring to the elderly an all-inclusive support system in their own homes.

So it’s just another distress aid service?

The team at Support Elders are not only a distress redressal group, neither are they constantly lurking members at the homes, but they manage to stay omnipresent all throughout with the help of their state of the art panic response button and swift action from the team.

The team at ‘Support Elders’ holds weekly sessions at pre-decided days/times with their members to ensure that they stay active and occupied with either writing, reading, blogging, developing and maintaining hobbies.

Apart from that, the team at Support Elders help the members stay socially active and connected and go for outings.


What about old-age related problems?

From card game variations, word games, sorting activities, recognising a fragrance, computer games; the team at Support Elders has an array of cognitive stimulations for dementia patients

They Keep loneliness at bay and keep the elders active and happy, and delay dementia and Alzheimer’s with their counselling services.

Their carefully selected, professional and qualified caregivers stay in regular touch with the family based on their needs and requirements.


So we just have to trust the Support Elders staff who visits?


The staff at Support Elders, are primarily ex-servicemen and come from a background of strict discipline.

They visit the members once a week at a pre-defined time and are primarily more of a support outdoors.

From helping the members with a visit to the post office or the bank, to accompanying to diagnostics or doctor’s chamber or assisting them with using the mobile phone and the internet the team at Support Elders come on board as physical as well as moral support


What about health care?

Woodlands Multispeciality Hospital and Support Elders have come together to offer 360 degree comprehensive support to elders in Kolkata. This includes Medical Emergency Alert Solution & At-home Customised Care by Support Elders and Healthcare by Woodlands Multispeciality Hospital.

The Silver Circle is a joint initiative of Support Elders and Calcutta Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology (CMIG) to build a platform to help improve the quality of life of elders through positive engagement and self-actualisation. The platform is backed by the concept of U3A (University of the Third Age).

Why should you give this a thought?

One of the biggest worries for the elders as well as their immediate relatives is the unpredictability of a medical emergency situation. Most of the times, the fear of such an eventuality, and not necessarily an actual situation, inhibits the elderly from leading a normal life. Support elders, offers a smart and lightweight wristband, which connects with their National Alarm Centre (NAC) when the emergency alarm button is activated, either at home or outside.

Our aged elders are like babies, who need constant care and attention. How helpless would you feel if there is a medical emergency and you can’t be with them? … Better safe than sorry.


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