11 Legendary Sweet Shops of Kolkata You Must Visit In Your Lifetime


That we the people of Kolkata have a sweet tooth is something the world knows. So we went around the city, treating ourselves to to the delicacies from the legendary sweet shops of Kolkata. These sweet shops of Kolkata need no introduction and are each, places of interest on their own. There are many more such gastronomical marvels and this list is far from being complete. Nevertheless, we bring you 11 legendary sweet shops of Kolkata that you must visit and a pit-stop for some quick relief for your teeth from all the mishti-binging!


1. Balaram Mullick & Radharam Mullick



Established on 1885

Most sold: Fusion item of the season while ‘Jol Bhora’ is their most famous product

Must Try: Mango Gellato Sandesh, Mango Soufle, Mango Jol Bhora, Mango pie

1 IMG_9078-for-website-balaram-mullick-interior


2. Kamdhenu

IMG_9082-for-website-kamdhenuEstablished on 1995

Most sold: Kochagolla

Must Try: Baikunta Bhog, Aam Sandesh

2 IMG_9081-for-website-kamdhenu


3. Nalinchandra

nalin_chandraEstablished on 1841

Most sold: Butterscotch Jolbhora

Must Try: Malai Roll


4. Chittaranjan Mishtannabhandar

4 IMG_9093-for-website-chittaranjan

Established on 1907 by Mr Hiralalghosh

Most sold: Rasogolla

Must Try: Madhuparka, Gulab Jamun



5. Sen Mahashay


Established on 1866

Most sold: Monohara

Must Try: Mihidana, Sita Bhog, Chanar Pulao


6. Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy

6 IMG_9101-for-website-nakur-ch-dey

Established on 1844

Most sold: Chana Sandesh

Must Try: Jol Bhora Sandesh


7. Bhim Chandra Nag


Established on 1826

Most sold: Abar Khabo Sandesh

Must Try: Kora pak/ Norom Pak sandesh

8 IMG_9107-for-website-bhimnag


8. Mithai

9 IMG_9196-for-website

Established on 1955

Most sold: Rasogolla

Must Try: Mango Sandesh, Mishti Doi


9. K.C Das


Established on 1866

Most sold: Rasogolla

Must Try: Raj Bhog, Ras Malai


10. Bancharam

7 IMG_9104-for-website-bhancharam

Established on 1976

Most sold: Baked Rasogolla

Must Try: Mihidana Tart


11. Sri Hari Mistanna Bhandar

3 IMG_9087-for-website-sree-hari

Established on 1912

Most sold: Langcha

Must Try: Mishti Doi

With the bond that Kolkata shares with mishti, there can never really be a complete comprehensive list!
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  1. Very nice. I think you should check Haji Allauddin sweets shop at 56 Phears Lane, colutola, kolkata 73. It’s a 100 years old shop, manufacturing only Pure Ghee sweets with Gulabjamun and Mawa Laddoo being their speciality. It was aired on NDTV Zaika India show a couple of years back too.

  2. Namaskaar dear brother Deb. I really hope that one day I will get a chance to visit Kolkota and eat all the delicious looking sweets.


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