Bijoya- The Delivery of Maa Durga Was Celebrated By Swiggy- The Favourite Food Deliverers In An Awesome Way! Here’s How



Let’s take a minute out and look back at the timeline of life today

Being born, learning to communicate, getting educated, building a career.

These may seem ordinary steps in anyone’s life. But now let us imagine these steps without the ‘deliverers’.

Now who are the ‘deliverers’?

Well ‘deliverers’ come into our lives in many types and forms. From the nurse who helped us come into the world, our family teaching us how to communicate, the teachers who’ve educated us to face the world. Deliverers are the unsung heroes in our everyday lives, without whom life would have been much more difficult rather impossible.

Similarly, now let us imagine a Durga Puja without the aid of the idol bearers. The idol bearers who deliver the idol of Maa Durga from the artisan to the pujo and who help deliver Maa Durga back home at the time of immersion.

Well, it sure is difficult to imagine a pujo without them!

While any tribute to these deliverers cannot befit the appreciation they deserve, this Pujo, the deliverers of Maa Durga were paid a tribute by the biggest deliverers themselves – SWIGGY, the food delivery app.

A little confused?

Well, on 13th of October on the day of Bijoya, Swiggy set up an elaborate river-cruise on the banks of the river Hooghly, for its guests to witness the Visarjan ceremony of Maa Durga and appreciate the role of the deliverers who brave all odds, risking their lives to make sure Maa reaches home.

And what better way to witness the deliverers in action than from the river itself!


“From closing in on 100 deliveries per day when we began to carrying out more than 5000 deliveries every day with a fleet of 750 plus avid troops, Swiggy has come a long way in Kolkata” said Anuj Bothra, city head, Swiggy at the event.

img_1044With the cool river breeze brushing against our hair as we witnessed the tireless efforts of the men carrying out the visarjan ceremony, we were forced to retrospect the importance of the various ‘deliverers’ that are a part of our lives.

For team Beacon, the chief guests of the event were the ‘deliverers’ on board – the ones serving the delicious items prepared by Edesia, the Italian cuisine restaurant.




With live music being played and delicacies doing the rounds, we were humbled as we took the pledge of appreciating all the ‘deliverers’ that come and go into our lives.

As far as the grandeur of the event and the brilliance of the view is concerned, we’ll let the pictures of #SwiggyPujoSwag the talking



The view as we were preparing to leave


The talented young performers



As we approached the Howrah bridge



The Dhaak players were the show stoppers of the evening


Nabanita Saha and her son Anirban, guests of the evening for being one the oldest users of Swiggy


The picture of the evening for us: Indrajit Lahiri posing with the Dhaak

Also present at the occasion were the talented bunch of photographers from Calcutta Instagrammers. Here are a few breathtaking pictures clicked by them


Picture Courtesy: Calcutta Instagrammers


Picture Courtesy: Calcutta Instagrammers


Picture Courtesy: Calcutta Instagrammers


Picture Courtesy: Calcutta Instagrammers


Picture Courtesy: Calcutta Instagrammers


Picture Courtesy: Calcutta Instagrammers


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