5 Places You Can Go Swimming in Kolkata Without Any Membership Fee


Summer’s right upon us, and there seems to be no respite from the crucifying heat and humidity. And what better way to cool off than taking a nice dip in the pool with friends and family alike. “But wait? Don’t I need a membership of sort to go swimming at those posh club pools or something?”

Well, don’t you fret anymore for we have a list of all the places you can go swimming in Kolkata without a membership; yeah for real!

Read on… Rather just giddy-up your swimsuits and swimming trunks and go swimming already!

Lake Land Country Club

Swimming in KolkataSituated off the Kona Expressway, Lake Land Country Club is one place set amidst the greens and away from the cacophony of the city to help you chill in peace. And yes, you do need to be a member of this country club to access its other facilities but NOT the swimming pool.

Pocket Pinch: Rs. 250 per head


Spring Club

Swimming in KolkataNot too far away from the city is the Spring Club located just off E.M. Bypass. With its posh residential and commercial complexes juxtaposed with numerous clubs and restaurants, Spring Club turns out to be one of the Uber-cool places to chill out this summer. The swimming pools are open to non-members for a sum of money, and the best part is you have some really good restaurants to satiate those post-swimming hunger pangs.

Pocket Pinch: Rs. 650 per head


Aqua at The Park

Swimming in KolkataIf you’re looking forward to spending some quality time swimming with your buddies and have no issues spending a good deal of money, this is where you head to. You can swim by the hourly rate of Rs. 395/hour and you get a beer free! And to add more, there’s an in-house DJ to up your entertainment quotient if you’re there at the right hours. Now that’s quite a deal, no?

Pocket Pinch: Rs. 395 per hour per head


Hotel Hindustan International

Swimming in KolkataNow, what is better than a luxurious way of chilling in the pool with a 5-star service, right? Well, you can get access to the pool and complimentary snacks for just Rs.500/head. Get going already!

Pocket Pinch: Rs. 500 per head


Ibiza Merlin Greens

Swimming in KolkataIf a long drive is something you rather enjoy and don’t mind adding it to your chilling scenes on the weekend, then Ibiza Merlin Greens is the perfect place to go swimming. A little far from the city, but absolutely worth your time and dime.

Pocket Pinch: Rs. 350 per head


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