We Found Perhaps The Only Free-Hand Tattoo Studio In Kolkata – Tattoo Creed!


Tattoos are one of the ancient forms of artistic expression and it has been around since time immemorial. There has been a recent upsurge in getting ‘inked’ among people from all walks of life. And a number of tattoo studio in Kolkata are competing to cater to this sudden surge in demand.

While there may be many kinds of tattoo in terms of genre, style, and ethics; one of the toughest of them all is doing it freehand without any tracing tools. We were on the lookout for a freehand tattoo artist in Kolkata and that’s when we stumbled upon this rather niche tattoo studio in Kolkata known as Tattoo Creed.

Here we met with the studio’s founding tattoo artist, Patrick Lepcha, who is apparently one of the best tattoo artists in town and has been at it for the last 13 years. This tattoo studio in Kolkata, where Patrick is the main tattoo guy, is located on the southern side of the city at Kalikapur- Amcon Tower, 2nd Floor, 143 Safuipara, Sahidnagar, Dhakuria, Sahid Nagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700078

You can get yourself a tattoo here if you’re looking for something that is no less than an amazing piece of art, and that too by the city’s one of the best freehand tattoo artists.

Beacon Kolkata caught up with this talented artist at the Tattoo Creed studio itself.  

How and when did you start tattooing?

I basically started back in college; I was studying computer science, roughly around the year 2003. But my inspiration for tattoos started during my childhood, my grandpa had tattoos on his hands— he was in the British Indian army and was stationed in Burma and he happened to get tribal tattoos from there and it fascinated me to no end.  

How did you learn to do free hand tattooing without any stencils or mapping tools?

I made my own tattooing machine during my college days. And when I started back then, there weren’t many options for getting all these fancy tools and equipment for tattooing. So I would practice free hand and it took me more than 8 years to ace it, and it has been 13 years since I have been doing free hand tattoos.

How do you convince someone to get a free hand tattoo?

I throw around a lot of ideas if they have a certain concept in their mind, I try showing my previous works that I have done and I also try to build that trust by talking to them about how a tattoo can be done in a proper way without stencils or tracing paper. It’s difficult yet not impossible.

What was your family’s reaction when you told them that you don’t want to be an engineer, but a tattoo artist?

They kicked me out of the house! Yes, they really did tell me that you are on your own now and that I would have to fetch for myself. So I started freelancing and it’s been 13 years since then. I came to Kolkata with nothing, and over the years people have come to know me because of my work and I’ve people coming from across the borders to get a tattoo done.

What has been your most challenging free hand tattoo so far?

There was this one portrait I had to do free hand which by far was the hardest of them all; it was a portrait of the famous rock band Guns n Roses.


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