Tattoos In Kolkata Just Got Cooler! Presenting Tattoo Creed


Tattoos are not just about ink, they are stories imprinted on our skin. It’s the favorite kind of pain we go through. In this world of all temporary happiness, the best thing about a tattoo is it’s PERMANENT! They speak a lot about ourselves. Tattoo artists are the ones who carve our thoughts beautifully on our skin. You just need to decide what you want your tattoo to be on, they will figure it out and transform our stories into art in the most magical way! The most fascinating thing about tattoo artists are how beautifully they endure the pain and draw tattoos on themselves! That’s the real definition of love and passion, I feel.

The tattoo culture in Kolkata had started a decade ago with just a handful of tattoo artists. Sophisticated tattoo parlours weren’t a thing back then,as tattoos were hand etched and was an extremely tedious and time consuming affair. This method of tattooing is still practiced in some places. Tattooing isn’t a thing to be taught, it’s all about mastering the art with all your heart and soul. It’s about individual creativity that can’t be learnt from anywhere. That what makes each and every tattoo artist unique!

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Tattoos are not only about ink, pain and happiness. Its also about hygiene. It’s very important to prioritize the hygiene when it comes to getting a tattoo . Situated at Safuipara, Kolkata, Tattoo Creed is one of the best places to get your tattoo from. Not only do they gift you the best of tattoos but also take care of the necessary hygiene. From ornamental to textual, they specialize in all forms of tattoos. They also provide Tattoo Removal Services and Piercing. Each and every thing is done with utmost care while maintaining proper hygiene. So next time you plan to get inked, do visit Tattoo Creed.



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