As Au-Thai-ntic as it gets – Thai Food Festival @ JW Marriott, Vintage Asia


Picture this, you’ve got a steaming serving of Kochu Pata Chingri in front of you, waiting to be dug into by you. Now tell me, who’d you prefer the maker of the dish to be?

Shyamal da who’s family has been preparing the delicacy for generations or a kid with a fancy degree in culinary sciences?

Now you can have your preferences, but I’d pick Shyamal da over any Master Chef any given day!

Cut to the Thai Food Festival @ Vintage Asia, JW Marriott Kolkata; now I walked in with a pre-conceived notion of the same old Thai food I’d grown up trying at different joints around town, however my taste buds kept asking my brain to keep the expectation high given it was JW Marriott I was walking into after all.

As all the other esteemed guests walked in and settled, out came Chef Samart Muesantat to greet us.

For me though, it was one of those moments when you’ve spent all your life schooling people to be politically, socially and culturally correct and the moment that it actually matters, you bomb!

As Chef Samart Muesantat approached to greet us, I, being the self-proclaimed politically, socially and culturally correct person I am, extended my hand to greet his, however in return I was greeted by the traditional Thai way of greeting with ‘Sawatdee-krap’ and two-folded hands followed by the politest head-bow I’ve ever seen.

And though I felt like quite a fool then, it was one of those moments when you don’t mind being a naïve soul.

For exactly the moment I was greeted lovingly by Chef Samart, I immediately got reminded of Shyamal da and his generations of expertise in preparing Kochu Pata Chingri and my tummy gave a lurch of excitement, in anticipation of the gastronomical delights that were enroute!

The Man Himself

Hello, from the Taste of Thailand Food Festival at Vintage Asia, JW Marriott Kolkata where Chef Samart Muesantat from Sheraton Samui Resort, Koh Samui has come to the City of Joy to recreate the magic of Thai food with a menufeaturing his signature selections.

The Delicacies

Thai food is traditionally known for its unique mélange of flavors and taste- sweet, sour and tangy.

Our Favourites

Lab Had

An aromatic mixed mushroom salad with mint, lime and chili

Larb Ped Yang

A sauté of Roasted duck tossed, toasted ground rice, herbs, dried chili, lime

Tom Kha Tofu Had Rum

Served with tofu, mushrooms and coconut soup

Tofu Satay

A mixture of grilled tofu satay, peanut sauce

Choo Chee Pla

Deep fried fish, dried red curry, kaffir lime leaves, coconut cream

Pla Thod

Deep fried fish with basil sweet chili sauce

Bridging cultures through food

The prelude of the Thai Food Festival was hosted on 6th of September 2018 at Vintage Asia in association with The Royal Thai Consulate General Kolkata, honored by Ms. Asawapoom, Acting Consul –General.

The evening hosted a table of esteemed guests who were taken on a culinary journey of authentic flavors from the roots of Thailand.

So why wait! Head over at the Taste of Thailand Food Festival at JW Marriott today!


7th to 16th September 2018

Dinner (all days) – 7:00 pm to 11:45 pm

Lunch on Saturdays – 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Brunch on Sunday (Set Menu) – 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm


+91 33 6633 0000

Pocket Pinch

Ala carte at INR 3000 ++ for two / Set menu at INR 1999 AI per person


Sawasdee Krap!


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