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Hello People!
This is The Beacon diaries wherein you will find our journey as an upcoming media house chronicled right from where and how we began.
Well it’s been a while since The Beacon came into existence and those associated with us know how it all started. But then a lot of people we come across everyday, in quest for a story or otherwise, want to know our story. And we do tell them what it is all about— but we thought why not log it into a journal and let our readers know too.

This will be the place where you will get to know the journey so far and also the journey ongoing- basically what we do, how we do and most importantly, why we do it.

So it all began last year in the month of September, a week right after our editor in chief aka the grand whip’s birthday (In case you want to send him wished/goodies on his day, feel free to do so) when he was trying to bag an internship at any of those mainstream media houses. After a struggle of almost a month in getting to work for someone for FREE which resulted in an utter disappointment− the idea of an alternate media start-up− The Beacon was born. And to quote our editor in chief, “I went around the city, asking everyone at every media house, for an internship- to work for free, to give away my intellectual property for free but much to my discontent I was only being herded around like stray cattle. That’s when I decided that I will start my own mode of venting information, regardless of the fact that I was a one man army.”

The Beacon when it initiated was a black and white printed tabloid and the only team member was the editor in chief himself. He would meticulously analyse the nitty gritty things in and around Kolkata and write about them and put them in a legible tabloid design for his friends and family. Slow and steady the things he wrote about, the perspective he gave to those things started to gain traction. And that being a major confidence boost, gave him the conviction of approaching people with similar thirst for both our city and honest journalism. That’s when our PRO and Photographer came in− giving not only shape to what a team should look like but also anchoring the ship in firm ground. And then in early January this year after much contemplation our sub-editor aka the wordsmith boarded the ship. That is when The Beacon became a magazine- full colour and 8 pages. The sub-editor having a lust for food and exploration started managing the place and food columns in the magazine and has been your entertainer ever since.


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