Daab Chingri Pizza, Kosha Mangsho Pizza! You Can Have The Bengali-est Of Pizzas At These Places In Kolkata


The city of joy doesn’t fail to surprise at every turn, and this time it has managed to leave us in awe with a one of kind spin to Kolkata’s food palette. When it comes to Italian food, all we think is the Pizza— the layers of cheese, the crispy crust and a generous amount of mouth watering toppings that leave us drooling and how! For this Durga Puja, some of the well-established names in the restaurant business have dared to add a very Bengali twist to the humble pizza.

Wondering what could they possibly do to a pizza?

Presenting Daab Chingri and Kosha Mangsho Pizza!

Oh yes! A one of a kind Bengali twist to the Italian staple has come in the form of incorporating our much loved Daab Chingri and Kosha Mangsho with it. And who doesn’t wants to indulge in these rich fares during the Pujas and if someone wants to keep it low-key Italian with a touch of ‘Bangaliana’ during the Durga Puja, their prayers have been answered.

Here’s where you can get your hands on the Daab Chingri and Kosha Mangsho Pizza.

Monkey Bar

Who doesn’t loves the famous Daab Chingri and that too during the days of the Durga Puja, and to get to have it with the quintessential Italian fare is no less than a match made in heaven. A true blue Bengali with cosmopolitan inclinations knows that it couldn’t get any better than this.

What’s it called on the menu: Iti Aunty’s Daab Chingri Pizza

How much: Rs. 550 plus taxes

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/DygAEMEbJ3T2


The very smell of Kosha Mangsho being cooked in the house can wake you up from a deep sleep, and add pizza to the combination and it becomes a dream come true. That raw flavours of the spices and the flavourful juices of the meat are the perfect edge that a pizza could have.

What’s it called on the menu: Kosha Mangsho Pizza

How much: Rs. 385

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/rtge2eoqmYx


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