The Blind Alley


The Blind Alley

A few times in my dreams
I take the blind alley
And when my head hits the concrete
Blood starts warming my tongue
I remind myself it was
Just a nightmare
A new day has just begun.

But that’s just on good days.

Rest of the nights are scarier though
When all I dream of is your angel face
Your rose lipped smile as you confess
There’s someone else.. there’s always been.
Your hair shines as you amble away
There’s no blind alley to halt that.
No new day to wake up to
No new reality to suckle at.

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Ananya Chatterjee is a software professional working for Oracle India Pvt Limited. A gold- medalist in Computer Science from The University Of Calcutta, Ananya has always been passionate about writing verses. She is a trilingual poet and translator in English. She is the author of the Amazon bestseller, The Poet & His Valentine, a collection of verses. Another Soliloquy and The Blind Man’s Rainbow are her other books. Her works have been published as part of the anthology on erotica, Hot Summer Nights 2014 by Inner Child Press Ltd., USA, as well as, as part of an anthology of Epitaphs, also by Inner Child Press Ltd., USA. Her poems were a part of "Soulful Whispers" - An Anthology of poems from the All India Poetry Competition 2014 By Poetry Society India . She was the winner of the Ekphrasis Poetry Contest at the National Poet’s Meet 2015. She has been awarded Certificate of Merit as part of Reuel International Award for Literature, 2015. Ananya also worked as a translator for the poems by actor and poet Soumitra Chatterjee, published in the book Forms Within. To find out more about her works, please visit



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