The brand new Parama Park circus flyover and all you need to know about it


The city’s grandest flyover, Parama Flyover, has finally been thrown open to the people and will be the much needed lease of life to Kolkata’s traffic. Starting at Park Circus Seven point, the bridge extends past Silver Springs and lands right in front of Bartaman Bhavan, and another extension places you right in front of P.C. Chandra gardens− hence avoiding the ruckus happening underneath if you’re headed to the airport or Ruby.
Of course this project is slated to be the third longest flyover in the country, but that will happen only after the extensions are connected to the existing AJC flyover, which, on pen and paper, should be done by October 2016. Another Pujo gift in the pipeline perhaps.








Well here are some interesting facts about this mammoth of a project which has been nothing but an absolute boon to the city’s daily commute.

Physical features

No. of ramps 4
Total no. of pillars 206
Exact length 7513.82 mtrs including main flyover, east and west bound and ROB
Width of flyover 6.9 mtrs to 7.5 mtrs – 2 lanes on each side – 4 lanes in total
Height of flyover 7.5 mtrs
Ramp widths 6.9 mtrs to 7.5 mtrs
Speed restrictions Applicable
Total cost 543.33 crs
Beginning date of construction 12 February 2010
Uniqueness of the flyover


Bowstring steel girder on top of Bridge No. 4 with Pre-stressed Concrete Pier Caps used for the first time



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