The Cat is Out of the Bag: Shatrughan Sinha to Join Hands with the Congress


After much speculation, yester-year film star Shatrughan Sinha has announced his departure from the BJP. The Vishwanath actor never shied away from taking potshots at the current government, which led to his ousting from the party.

Shatrughan Sinha entred into politics in 1992,  for the Lok Sabha seat vacated by LK Advani, who won both New Delhi and Gandhinagar Lok Sabha seats. The actor’s rebellious stance was noticed soon after PM Narendra Modi came into power in 2014. 

Further disgruntling two-time MP from Patna Sahib, the BJP chose to field Ravishankar Prasad from the same constituency, instead of offering Sinha a ticket. In order to retain the same constituency, Sinha is clearly making the cross to Congress.

Taking a jibe at Sinha, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, thanked Congress for accepting BJP’s “problem.” The former film star and member of the parliament has been very vocal about BJP’s flawed policies and has lived up to his reputation of being called a party rebel.

He was the only BJP MP to join Mamata Banerjee’s rally, firing a fresh salvo at the BJP, by calling their rule “Tanashahi,” (tyranny). The actor-turned-politician has been critical of the party leadership for aiming his tweet barbs right at the Prime Minister and BJP Party president.

Sinha met Congress President Rahul Gandhi at his residence before making his announcement official. The actor took to Twitter to reveal that he will still be contesting from his home turf, but for the Congress. Shatrughan Sinha has been a bitter pill for the BJP, but will he be an asset or a liability of the Congress?  That time will tell.


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