The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride


The passion for motorcycle riding has been around since the introduction of an engine between two wheels, pursued by men and women alike all across the globe. And the same passion has evolved into forms that are as diverse as apple and oranges, and yet all of them have a thing one and the same− a motorcycle. One such form is the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. Originated in Australia the idea was actually an inspiration from a photo of Mad Men’s Don Draper on a classic motorcycle in a fine suit.

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Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a world-wide motorcycling phenomenon wherein the riders have to adhere to a strict dress code, which is, suits, ties, vests and proper shoes to go with it− like that of a gentleman, ofcourse!


The ride started as an avenue for raising funds for the research on prostate cancer and to find its cure, with riders being charged no admission fee but only encouraged to raise funds and sponsorships for the same.

Well, Why are we, out of the blue, telling you all this in the middle of the city of joy? A well-known city based biking community, MotoNomads, are bringing this global phenomenon to town− The Distinguished Gentleman’s ride Kolkata.

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Motonomads are a group of young guns in the city who came together for only one thing- love for riding. They are a respected biking community in the city who believe in safe and responsible riding and have many accolades to their credit.

Come this Sunday, the 27th of September, The Motonomads will be there and so will a plethora of biking enthusiasts from all across dressed in their best suits.
Exciting to say the least, isn’t it?
Here’s where you will find all the details of the event. Ride on!


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