‘The Kolkata Buzz’ Facebook Page Has Got The City Hooked On To Its Memes and Posts! We Caught Up With The Awesome Twosome Running The Show


They certainly need no introduction and maybe are best known by their memes about Bengali surnames on Facebook – we caught up with the minds behind the popular Facebook page The Kolkata Buzz.

Aparna and Anubhav are the main people behind The Kolkata Buzz, and in a candid interview with Team Beacon Kolkata, they talked about their roles, fame, and hate.

How and when did The Kolkata Buzz start?

The Kolkata Buzz started two years ago and it was started primarily for entertainment purposes and eventually for commercial purpose.

He (Anubhav) wanted a platform where all the photographers can showcase their talent and since I (Aparna) am from a writing background, I wanted a platform for writers. So that’s how we collaborated.

There are tons of pages on Facebook selling the city, why do you think people like TKB so much?

Everyone working with us- writers, graphic designers were hired on a freelance basis, and we provide them with a platform to showcase their talent. Maybe that’s why people can relate with us so much.


When was first time that you felt like the page was blowing up?

When we had posted a series called ‘What is Kolkata’, it got 30k shares. It was like, if a chaiwala earns more money than an engineer, then you know you’re in Kolkata.

Another post that did really well was the ‘surnames’ post – we got a lot of response for it.

What is your favourite meme or post?

It definitely has to be the name and surname post, hopefully it will get us over 3 lakh likes.


Any favourite Facebook pages?

Palsmaniaa and Bong feed.

Kolkata Buzz with Team Beacon Kolkata

What is the secret to going viral?

Content. Presentation isn’t important as long as the content is good and relatable to a large audience.


Do you think that media consumption pattern is evolving over time?

You need to target every audience, making post relatable to every age group. That’s how the flow stays. The 18-32 age group doesn’t want to know so much and prefer simple creatives.

I (Anubhav) don’t like to read at all, especially blogs.

Do you get a lot of hate?

Yes, a lot. We get phone calls about our ‘surnames’ post late at night, with people threatening us even.

You can hate us but atleast follow our page as well.


How do you stay famous?

The content should be moving, and communication should be flowing.


Do you like doing what you do?

Generally yes, but when we get bored, we just post pictures.


Future plans?

We want to make TKB place that connects everything in Kolkata, providing platform to as many people possible. And maybe a store someday.

What would you like to say to fans?

We’d like to make surnames for everyone!

Its not like we’re famous, we’re making the people famous by showcasing their work. So if you want to connect with us, please feel free to email us or send us a message.


Give us a small teaser about your next post..

We were thinking something along the lines of ‘Types of Bengali girlfriends’… let’s see!



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