The other side of our celebrations- A Beacon Kolkata Campaign

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All of us, when we were much younger, have had at least one of our birthdays celebrated with grandeur. And of course, what would a splendid birthday be without magicians, clowns and guys adorning costumes to impersonate our favourite cartoon characters. All of these guys expend their time entertaining us in ways more than one, and yes the awesome three tier cake and delicious food ensues. But hey, have you ever thought about these people who make our celebrations complete through those happy gestures and becoming the laughing stock of the party?

What about the magician who has been performing the same trick for over 20 or so years now? The conjurer who convinces us that he is equally enthusiastic each time he makes the bird ‘magically’ vanish from the hat, what about him?

What about the clown who has no reason to be happy or act funny? What about the rusted trick he has to perform to pay for his son’s school fees?

And lest we forget the costume guy- The punching bag of every party; the faceless, voiceless man who wears a costume and celebrates a complete stranger’s happiness to pay his bills.

Well, we at Beacon Kolkata, as part of one of our small social campaigns, decided to make the party makers’ average working day a little different!

So here’s how it rolled out− a party was planned to be held at our office and a magician, a clown and a costume guy was contacted for a party (seemingly).
A group of children from our NGO partner TILJALA SHED were invited for the party and come they did! Not only did they help deck up our office to make it look like the perfect birthday party, they even drew mementos saying, “To the Real heroes” and grabbed our plan at the very first attempt!

Now the party makers were all set to entertain the kids to the best of their capabilities. The magician prepared to steal the stage with his performance. The clown got ready with his makeup and tricks. And, the costume guy dawned his attire, all set to become ‘Chota Bheem’ till evening.

But! They were oblivious to the fact that the party is for them and they are not to work today. The smart children welcomed them with laughter and hugs while we explained to them that the party today was for them! Initially scared, then taken aback and then as the feeling sunk-in, the real emotions came out.

The magician let down all his secret tricks and simply broke into a fit with the children, like he would had it been his own child’s birthday!

The clown, wicked as they are, took some time to grasp the whole situation and when he did; out came his innocence with a genuine nod, unlike the cheek-wrenching chuckle he is used to doing.

The young costume guy, removing his hefty mask took a deep breath and looked confused.

We will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.


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The whole agenda of this occasion was to make a day for the real heroes who in this era of ‘talking tom’ and ‘whatsapp forwards’ physically go the distance to put a smile on our faces.

A special vote of thanks to the wonderful ‘smarty pants’ children from Tiljala Shed for facilitating the entire occasion


  1. So much HEART in this article!
    Completely turned me into a marshmallow 🙂
    May you keep harvesting sunshine in our hearts forever.
    Best wishes for the future.


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