The Syllabi of Dance

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WARNING: The following article does not adhere to any grammatical rules. Why, yes it believes in complete freedom and no observance of status quo. Read without your parsing spectacles.
What are you read about to is not about what already know you. It is just not information some about something but it is a marvel to phenomenon upon.



Now that we have (only hoping) in a somewhat illogical way made you understand how a hip hop dancer dances, Imagine this:
A pack of some 70-80 African Americans dancing in whichever way they can and a DJ playing a twisted form of popular songs by breaking the rhythms using two turntables, and the place is some shady block in the Bronx, New York City. Probably you’ve guessed what it is, but what about your parents, have they?

“Mum, Dad … Its HIP HOP! This is so cool and popular how can you not know!”


A wonder in itself that a small sub-cultural movement started by the Jamaican/Caribbean immigrants in one of the most downtrodden and minor part of a city in a different continent altogether has become a global phenomenon. Hip Hop originated in the 1970s defined by four key stylistic elements−  MC-ing/rappingDJ-ing/scratchingbreak dancing, and graffiti writing. And has, ever since, had an impact in ways more than one− from the way people dress up to the genre of music they listen to a dissimilar form of art.


And our very own city has been no different from any other parts of the world in imbibing this form of music & culture. Initially it was just the youth but if you look around, nowadays it’s simply everyone. Don’t believe us? Just follow the four steps mentioned below and you will:

  1. ‘Google’ Hip Hop Kolkata
  2. What you will see is a list of places in Kolkata where they teach Hip Hop dance.
  3. Find out the place and pay them a visit.
  4. If and when you do, you will see parents flocking there with their children in order to impart this peculiar yet appealing form of dance.

hip hop3editweb

Now why are parents taking their children to Hip-Hop dance classes instead of the other classical forms of dance?
To quote a parent, “Hip-Hop is the popular thing right now, and we want our kids to keep up with times and trend alike, I don’t want my son to lag behind in inter-school or reality dance competitions. Also the kids find it more amusing than classical dance forms such as Bharat Natyam, so they happily indulge in it.”


So it is self-evident that Hip-Hop has insidiously creeped into our culture and blended perfectly into it− one will see a lot of Bengali rappers in the city, Bengali songs being remixed into Hip-Hop tunes and what not.

hip hopeditweb

Hip-Hop, wherever it has travelled, has seeped into the culture giving birth to a new form of expression. Hip-Hop in itself is not restricted to a particular genre, and that is exactly the essence of it− freedom. Our city, like every other place in the world, has churned out its own form of Hip-hop and this is it!

Special thanks to the amazingly talented dance group ARTMOSPHERE. This group was founded and is mentored by Shane Khan.
Following are the names of the group members:
Deepak Ghosh, Bharti Ghosh, Somnath Ghosh, Farooque, Ameer, Aftab, Asgar, Amit, Sulagna and Anushka.


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