Navina Paudyal

Wonder Woman

Pursuing a career in advertising, this bubbly member of the team ensures that we get all the eyes and ears we need to keep the magazine going.

Santana Fell

Sub – Editor 
Editor on Wheels

Always sharing a warm smile, this member of the team loves to talk, travel, ride her scooty, teach, eat and over think. Possessing the extraordinary ability of driving anyone crazy and not even being aware of it, writing is a skill she embarked on and has now made it a passion that she can’t let go

Rumaan Rashid

The Kid

If you ask his folks at home, they’ll tell you he’s studying business management, but a photographer at heart, this wacky guy in the team keeps the humour going and provides all the visual treats in the magazine.

Md. Sohail

Editor in Chief
The Grand Whip

The thinker and founder of the magazine, this guy can conjure a story out of the silliest things in the city, needless to say he is deeply in love with it. Quite literally his temper (read really very short temper) is what keeps the team going.

Debdutto Banerjee

Web Developer/Photographer

A photographer, UI/website designer/developer and a motorcycle tourer. His technical expertise is what keeps the magazine alive.


Suruchi Gupta

Senior Correspondent

Suruchi Gupta is a homemaker, mother and freelance journalist based in Kolkata

Amlan Banerjee


Passionate about photography, he loves to read good books and often indulges in writing, himself.

Rahul Kar

GoPro Man

Heading the video department with his vast global knowledge on cinematography and video editing, we thank our lucky stars everyday for making this gentleman a part of the team

Rohit Kumar Shaw

Gadget Geek

Technical Head behind the cool stuff that you see here
A passionate web designer and a counter strike addict. 

Rohan Shah

Instagram Community Manager
The one behind the lens

The guy who makes sure that you see brilliant photographs on our Instagram and Facebook page. A tech,car and food enthusiast. Oh yes, and a photographer as well.

Ipsita Kabiraj


A twenty-something year old in the pursuit of happyness. Lover of furry felines, art and literature. Currently working on making her dreams come true.

Shakya Sengupta

Creative Director

Adept at heirarchizing visual information, this guy tends to shoot for the stars when the sky is the limit.