These 11 infographics are all you need to understand Bongs better


We Bengalis are a special breed indeed, from the way we quintessentially defile ‘lyadh’ to the pride we take in our culture, there is no denying that we are exceptional in our own ‘Bong’ way. Now understanding a Bengali has never been an easy task. Be it the highest form of art or the lowest level of ‘khishti’ we can effortlessly flip in the blink on an eye, and roast you in the politest, most ‘politically correct’ of ways!

Now there are certain codes behind each Bong interaction. Be it our news channels or how we counter the common cold, there are typical characteristic ways in which we Bengalis react to them and hell yeah, we’re proud of it.

While the rest of the country can find us mysterious for our love for ‘Roshogolla’ or our obsession with ‘Dada’, there’s no denying that we’re one of the most loved ones (read sweetest ones)

So, if you want to understand us Bongs better or want to know how an average day in the life of a Bong is, then here are some authentic  infographics that will help you understand Bongs better!

How We Deal With a Sore Throat





The Reason Our Moms Think We Didn’t Get Good Marks In Our Exams



And The Things You Better Not tell a Bong



Yes, we ‘EAT’ everything, Problem?



What We Say Maximum Times a Day



And If We’re Ever Asked ‘What’s up?’




What We See In The Name of News Versus What Others See



We have our very own ‘MAA’ version of the ‘Half Empty, Half-Full Glass’



No Matter Where We Go, Our Priorities Are Always In Order




And While We Are Almost Always “Bhodro’, There Are Certain Exceptions




Lastly, Although This Is Common All Across India, Us Bengalis Take Social Interaction Interviews To Another Level Altogether



All the above infographics created by Bongtastic, you can find more of their awesome work here

And in case you took the post too seriously, here’s to let you know that this was just for light humour!


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